I like to think of God as pure energy because we are communicating with the energy around us every second. Einstein even showed us that matter is energy. I accept this responsibility so I have to think, “What kind of energy am I putting back?” This energy I label love so God would be pure love. The belief institutions teach us to rely on the systems and not our own connections to the energy around us so we have to restructure our skills to understand the frequencies and subtle energies of consciousness. It seems the Divine matrix, energy or consciousness permeates and connects all things. Understanding the limitations of the belief institutions, I feel the need to realize my potential, and I feel love, respect and connection are the keys, not the narrow interpretations of doctrines. I feel every person is a living energy that communicates with the Absolute Pure Energy or unconditional love by just being in harmony with it. Truth will set us free.
Everything is energy more than what we see with the five senses. We seem to be a symphony of vibrations of light and sound. We have solar systems of atoms in our cells and the atom bomb has shown the great amount of energy in one atom when it is released. Einstein proved that gravity warps and curves the matrix of space so everything in the universe has an effect on everything else. Steve Hawkins is working on the formula for the wave of the universe, one vibration or uni-verse. Something universal is going on. Buddha, Lao Tzu, St Theresa and Jesus did not know each other. They lived in different times, places, different cultures but all describe similar sequences, events or stages of this energy, matrix, consciousness, or love, which we call God.
I feel every person has the potential to harmonize and balance in the omnipresent pure energy around and within us if we just stop imitating and start being. It seems we are not just spectators, but vectors participating, co-creators gaining knowledge and experience as we rise in frequency. Some polarize the energy flowing through them and manipulate the masses with tension, fear and division, but that is their choice between the energy of love and the energy of fear. Freedom of choice is the free will to center in whatever energy we wish.
Energy is everywhere; no one has a monopoly on it. Discover it in the present moment and in the natural state and harmonize with it, feel it flowing through you and all around. Not interfering is a realized mindfulness that lets the energy flow. We learn to release our need to control and enjoy the positive energy and its abundance, but we have the choice and polarity to go negative if we so desire and then we try to control the flow. We do this by trying to control the people and situations swirling around us. This creates tension and pressure, which wastes the energy we are trying to control. To stop wasting energy is to release it and witness the awesome work it performs flowing freely through our existence.
Man can’t create energy, but we can stop wasting it on negative outcomes. Interior silence is a good place to begin. We just need to turn the radio of the mind off, which gets rid of the energy of fear, tension and pressure that short circuits our flow. This interior attention some call prayer, contemplation or meditation; it is a relaxation that is always present. It is an inner peace that connects us to the pure energy, consciousness, or Divinity within. This state of awareness opens us up to something that is deeper and this state of grace is the heart of every religion. This grace of recognition is an experience beyond mere belief, statements and words. It is not just keeping rules it is a transformation and new way of life. It is a new relationship with energy, ourselves, and everything, which we may call God. It is a redefining our relationship from fear to love, respect and connection. This energy heals and balances, sustains and preserves all things. Our universe is created with energy and will respond to our energy if we let go, relax and be still, letting God’s energy be God.

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John Kuykendall lived as a monk and has some refreshing ideas on Christianity. He is author of the book titled "Evolution of Consciousness" which merits serious and quality attention. With Christian wisdom, philosophy and spiritual psychology the book expands understanding to go beyond the limitations in the religious concepts presented today to calm and ground your mind and initiate deep internal healing. With the ability to change our lives for the better "Evolution of Consciousness" is a journey towards unity and a new way of living. Its uniqueness lies in its psycho-spiritual development where religion and science strengthen each other's belief to provide the highest level of health and well being because they are both concerned with what is true. http://thinkunity.com