Puppy potty training is perhaps the first and the most important kind of training any dog must undergo. Some breeds are easy to potty train while others are not. However, puppy potty training is not just all about keeping your house clean because it can be more rewarding than that. Potty training your dog requires a lot of patience and persistence. Remember that puppies are like babies who need time to master correct potty procedures. Young puppies sometimes cannot hold any longer so they have to go potty. This is because they do not have total control of their bowels or bladders at a young age.

Not until he is good at puppy potty training, keep him off restricted areas in your home or keep him away from your furniture. One of the first things that you have to learn is how to recognize when your puppy indicates to go potty. It is not enough to just leave your puppy outside the house and wait until he poops. There are puppies that are already potty trained when you buy them, but somehow this deal will spare you a lot of bonding time with your new puppy. But when the puppy needs to be potty trained, you have to prepare yourself for the task.

You can research on helpful tips on how to conduct puppy potty training according to your dog’s breed. Your dogs should not be punished during puppy potty training. Be generous in acknowledging when your dog follows your command in potty training. Puppy potty training should be a pleasant experience for you and your dog. Whenever there are potty accidents, do not blame your dog. With persistence in training, your pet will eventually control his potty. You may use crates during puppy potty training because you will be able to monitor its potty signals especially at night. However, your puppy must also be crate trained if you wish to use a crate for him.

Puppies also have regular potty routine which may vary according to their activities. At the early part of puppy potty training, you may need to deal with his potty routines. Then, you can wait until he develops a control over his potty signals. That is the time you introduce some new routines. You have to be keen at knowing your puppy’s potty routine signals so that you can deal with it appropriately. When it comes to feeding, puppies need a lot of water especially when you feed them with dry dog food. During potty training, feed your puppy at least four hours before bedtime and avoid giving him water two hours before his bedtime.

You have to find a spot where you want your dog to use when he needs to go potty. Make sure that you create a certain routine of bringing him to that spot several times in a day. This will impose on him that you want him to use that spot when he needs to go potty. Furthermore, do not play with your puppy while he is doing his business. If he does not go potty within 10 minutes, you may confine him on his crate for another 15 minutes before bringing him back to his potty spot. Reward him every time he succeeds at this task.

Puppy potty training may not be an easy and quick job, but surely a potty trained dog is something you can be proud of.

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