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Buying a new puppy is indeed an exciting time, especially if you are new owners therefore you must prepare the right puppy stuff before he comes home. The first few weeks that a puppy stays with you are the transition phase where he gets used to his new surroundings.
Just as you prepare baby stuff before you bring him home, so should you prepare puppy supplies beforehand to make him comfortable in his new home in the least amount of time and to make the transition phase a happy time for you and your new pet? There are many puppy care things that you should buy however what's listed here are the basic things that you need to have, but later you can stock up on some more supplies such as clothes and special grooming items.

1. Puppy food
Puppy food should be on the top of your list. When you buy food, it should be something that is within your budget, specific to his breed and has the right amount of nutrients that his growing body needs.
You should know beforehand the type of food your puppy has been eating prior to you finally having him and stick to that diet for some time. Puppies have sensitive stomachs, which is why if you want to switch to another kind of food you must do so slowly to get him used to the new food.

2. Feeding supplies
Feeding supplies, of course, is a must otherwise what would your puppy be used to eat or drink with. It is important in buying these puppy supplies that they are easy to clean, will not likely to tip over when he uses it, and most of all having the size appropriate to his age.

Using a big bowl for a small puppy is encouraging him to overeat. Also, don't use plastic bowls as they are sometimes the cause of dog allergies.

3. Bedding
Bedding is an immediate need. When he comes home, this is the place where he will be resting and sleeping. You can buy a crate for your puppy beforehand, but if you are on a budget, you can start with a large enough cardboard box stuffed with comfortable blankets.
You should place his sleeping box in a warm and comfortable place away from too much noise so that he can rest comfortably.

4. A collar and leash
A collar and leash are puppy supplies that are required for your puppies as you start house training them. In buying a collar you should choose one that is not too long because he might chew on it and one that is not too short that he will choke. As a general rule, you measure the circumference of his neck and then add two inches to the size.
As for the leash, you should buy a leash made of a material that has a longer lifespan such as leather if you can afford it. This is important for his safety so that he can't run that far especially when both of you are out of the house. This is also a very important item to have because in many states in the US leash laws require that you leash your puppy or dog at all times when both of you are out.

5. Identification Tags
Just in case your puppy manages to get lost or runaway and a person finds your puppy, their first instinct is to usually look for a collar that contains the puppy's name, owner's name, and contact number. As mentioned before, there are more puppy supplies that you need and you can gradually add them to your stock as you and your puppy progress in your relationship.

Buying the right puppy supplies shows that you love your pet as well as care for his health. The problem is medical care for pets is just as expensive as humans. Since you will go to lengths for your beloved pet why don't you procure pet insurance? In the long run, paying for premiums is cheaper than spending a hefty amount on vet bills. If you are already considering pet insurance, why not consider insuring your pet for life?

Choosing puppies stuff is easy however choosing the desirable breed is biggest dilemma for people. Therefore at Doubleudoodle, we know how important a pet is for pet lovers and we are here to help give you double u dog supplies. The breeds we have are already trained to be your companion. They have nurtured a range of dog breeds for instance Doubleudoodle, Sheepadoodle, Goldendoodle, and many more. They even have a full-service grooming department with highly experienced groomers who keep the pet as clean and neat looking as possible - walk-ins are welcome!

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