Pune is the eighth largest metropolitan city of India and located in the state of Maharashtra. The city is known for Shivaji Maharaj, who was the Great Maratha king. In the 19th century, the indoor game badminton was invented in Pune. The place is also the birthplace of Meher Baba who is a spiritual teacher. The two famous rivers that flow through Pune are Mula and Mutha. Along with so many beauties within the city it has also been found that the taxi service in Pune is also one of the best services available and one can enjoy the beauty of the city by availing these taxi services.

>b>The origin of the name: Queen of the Deccan:
In earlier days, Pune was also called Poona which was a pleasant and healthy green city and the atmosphere was like a hill station. This was the beauty of Pune and the Deccan Plateau was considered to be the best city. This beauty made Pune earn the title of "Queen of the Deccan", "Oxford of the East" or even known as "Detroit of India". The iconic train called the "Deccan Queen" runs between Mumbai and Pune.

Few must Place to Visit in Pune:

There are many places in Pune that one can visit and again a cab service in Pune can help make life easy while considering a trip around the famous places.

• Shaniwar Wada Palace: This is one of the most prominent and historical landmarks in Pune and is considered to be one of the best tourist spots in the city. The majestic fortification was built in the year 1732 during the rule of the Maratha Empire.

• Aga Khan Palace: The place is well known for its excellent architectural value and also has a great historical significance. The place is covered on 99 acres of land and is presently the headquarters of the Gandhi National Memorial Society.

• Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple: This divine place for worshipping and is devoted to Lord Ganapathi Shriman. The Dagdusheth, Halwai Ganapati is known for its different kinds of religious festivals and if one avails a taxi service in Pune, can go around and enjoy the place.

• Osho Ashram: This is a tranquil place and the ashram helps to bring peace, solidarity, as well as meditation within people and it, also consists of all the ideologies that Osho used to believe.

• Vetal Tekdi: This place is also very popular and one of the most well-known landmarks of Pune. If one needs to spend a stunning evening or even a very early morning it is one of the most ideal places in Pune. The place is very well known by the name Hanuman Tekdi.

Things to keep in Mind Being a ‘Non-Punekar’:>/b>

While talking about Pune the first thing that comes to mind within people is that it is the ‘Cultural Capital of Maharashtra’ as well as ‘Oxford of the East’. However, apart from this, Pune is also a well-cultured place which consists of a perfect blend of the present as well as the past. The most enchanting things are the restaurants and roads that have their charm. So, it becomes very important for a ‘Non-Punekar’ to avail a cab service in Pune to enjoy its real beauty and culture as a whole.

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