There's nothing that you can do about your race, age and sex which are non-modifiable factors in hypertension. Nonetheless you can handle the other modifiable factors.

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Refrain from too much intake of sodium. Salt is the top source of sodium and is consumed by folks from foods they eat. However, consumption or usage of salt should be limited as it may cause high blood pressure if taken too much by the body.

Cigarettes! I don't wish to tell you the easy way to live your life, but for the sake of your family! Stop smoking! Smoking causes plaque to build up in the artery walls that makes a contribution to the issues of hypertension. Not to mention the root of death from cancer over time.

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It has been discovered of late that lack of calcium or calcium deficiency might also lead to hypertension or raised blood pressure among people. If you are diagnosed for hypertension, it's a smart move that your daily consumption of foods include a good quantity of calcium. Another critical mineral which has been found efficacious in controlling hypertension is potassium. The perfect balance of salt and fluid content in potassium mineral has been revealed to be extremely impressive in maintaining normal blood pressure.

People with mild hypertension can gain advantage from aerobic exercises like walking jogging, stair-climbing, dancing, swimming and biking. Done 20 to Half an hour three times a week, these exercises can make you shed weight and keep your heart muscles and lungs in shape. Avoid non-aerobic exercises like weight lifting, push ups and chin-ups for they can be dangerous for hypertensives.

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By following these easy steps and being privy to the need for regularizing blood pressure, one can definitely attain relief from hypertension and raised blood pressure.

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