Taking one kilogram-500 grams as the unit of measurement, Puerh tea can be roughly divided into six levels: genuine, fine, top, rare, super, and orphan, regardless of whether it is raw or cooked. Their price range should be: genuine 50, fine 100, top grade 200, treasure 500, top grade 1000, orphan grade 2000. Settled in RMB, the price refers to the price to the terminal.

 Genuine is authentic Puerh tea. The authentic product that I define is the tea that meets the basic definition of Puerh tea under the premise of ensuring hygiene and safety. I set a price of 50 to 100 yuan for such tea products. I think such a price can be seen from the consumer's side. The cost of making a pot of tea is 5 cents to 1 yuan per time. Accepted price. From the perspective of the operator, after removing the original production costs and apportioning the corresponding management expenses, there is still a reasonable profit margin, which is also profitable. Fine products refer to the elaborate tea products. It can be a genuine product with a certain age, or it can be a higher-grade tea product. The retail of such tea products is preferably 100-200.

 An example illustrates that a tea product of the same size as the 7590 of Bajiao Ting, a piece of 120-2000 can guarantee a win-win situation for buyers and merchants. Top grade refers to some high-end teas made with high-quality raw materials. For Puerh tea to be sold for more than 200 yuan, you have to pay attention to a saying. Puer tea, whose aroma, taste, and soup color are not convincing, is not worth the price. Treasures refer to treasured collections. There are no eight or ten years, and they are not treasures. But it does not mean that no matter what the quality of Puerh tea, it is worth 500 yuan for eight or ten years. Poor tea quality is not a treasure. Improper storage is not called treasure. In other words, if you spend three or five hundred dollars, you should be able to buy high-quality tea from regular merchants, regardless of the age and the ageing benefit. As the name implies, the best is that no matter the shape, internal quality, aroma, taste and soup color are unmatched, there is no shortage of flaws and beautiful jade.

As far as consumers are concerned, it is worth a thousand dollars for a perfect tea! As far as the merchants are concerned, it is unreasonable to sell a thousand pounds of tree leaves without making money, but if you can dedicate such a good tea, you should make money! The only one is the best tea plus rare. It's too good to be good, and it has to be very rare. Only Puerh tea can be sold for more than 2,000 yuan. If an upper limit is to be defined, I think it is 5,000 yuan. Of course, this only represents my personal opinion, thinking that more than 5,000 tea products have exceeded the ability, experience and imagination. A harmonious and healthy market atmosphere needs to be jointly created by both buyers and sellers. The story of sellers “picking up leaks” and hitting merchants is not credible, because the old saying “sells without buying essence”. Merchants speculate maliciously, and the skyrocketing prices will not last long. I have talked so much in the foregoing, in order to clarify the facts and jointly create a win-win market structure where consumers can spend money and value for money and businesses can have reasonable profits.

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