Since the beginning of this year, the price of Puerh tea has risen all the way. CCTV Finance has reported that "the price has risen by 30%, and the price per kilogram has reached tens of thousands of yuan." Friends could not help exclaiming: "Puerh tea's "expansion channel" will open again? To this end, reporters invited people in the industry to talk about their views.

The sky-high price of 320,000 yuan 1 kg? Hype!
 In March this year, a millennium tea king tree in Lao Banzhang Village, Menghai Town, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, set a new transaction record at a price of 320,000 yuan per kilogram. The price was staggering. As this news continued to ferment, the Xishuangbanna Tea Association issued a prompt, saying that the company's hype about "tea king tree" was not only untrue, but also seriously disrupted the market order and affected consumers' prices for ancient tree tea judgment. It is worth mentioning that the "1280-year-old tree" claimed by the company is totally untrue.

 Census data of ancient tea tree resources in Xishuangbanna show that there are no tea king trees identified by experts in the ancient tea area of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, and even Lao Banzhang has no tea king trees. Ms. Kang, the general agent of Tianjin, said that the price of Puerh tea has indeed risen this year, but it has not been so scary. Ms. Kang further introduced that since this year, the Puerh tea market has gone through several stages: due to factors such as bad weather, reduced production, and delayed picking time, the price of spring tea has gradually increased. With the help of malicious speculation, there has generally been a certain increase; However, after the small outbreak of spring tea, June-August ushered in a cooling-off period in the market, and the volume of summer tea that had been unpopular fell sharply by 30 to 40%; The quality of autumn tea picked in the early stage has been affected somewhat, but the quality in the later stage has improved, and the price has dropped slightly compared to last year.

Ms. Kang also said that compared with previous years, consumers are much more rational in the face of various "hype". If they buy it for themselves, they will not blindly chase "mountain tea", but more about the quality of tea, Taste and value for money.

How to treat the investment value of Puerh tea? Quality is the key!
 In the eyes of many tea friends, Puerh tea is a "drinkable antique", and the characteristics of "more and more mellow" give it the dual attributes of drinkability and collectability. However, many people misunderstand the investment value of Puerh tea. How to invest in Puerh tea? Chen Guoyi, a well-known tea man who came to Tianjin to sign a new tea for the taste of dry warehouse, was quite emotional. When talking about Chen Guoyi, one cannot but mention the legendary "Eight Youths". In 2014, a well-preserved "Eight Green" against the market auctioned a sky-high price of 5 million yuan, refreshing the Puerh tea transaction record produced in the 1980s.

In 1992, Chen Guoyi encountered a batch of Puerh tea from Menghai tea factory in Yunnan. After drinking it, he was completely conquered by his refreshing and fragrant taste, and he took all 21,000 cakes of tea in one fell swoop and shipped it back to Hong Kong in batches. But a cake of 7.8 Hong Kong dollars. Today, the latest quotation of "Ba Ba Qing" exceeds RMB 80,000, and the price has doubled by 10,000 times. The return on investment is amazing! When talking about the success of Ba Ba Qing, Chen Guoyi said frankly that he benefited on the one hand The concept of "dry warehouse storage", on the other hand, benefits from its scarcity, "the right place and the right people have created the legend of'Eight Eight Green'". Of course, not all Puerh teas are worth collecting. Many people still remember the irrational fluctuation of the Puerh tea market in 2007. But in Chen Guoyi's view, that tragic "crash" did not represent the entire industry. Tea of excellent quality can withstand the test of time and the market. No matter how the market fluctuates or the economic situation is bad, it has never lost a penny, but the transaction is temporarily stopped.

 So, what kind of Puerh tea is worthy of collection? Chen Guoyi warned consumers not to blindly superstition mountain brands and brands. First of all, it must be ancient tree tea. There is no room for value-preservation and value-added of platform tea. Secondly, depending on the taste, people say that "no bitterness" is not a good tea, but "bitterness" must be melted within a minute, and tea that cannot be melted cannot be accepted even if it is cheap. Thirdly, the tea soup should be "sweetened, rejuvenated, sweetened". After seven bubbles, the tea soup is still sweet. The tea can be collected. Fourth, it also depends on whether the raw materials are uniform and complete. Therefore, the quality of collecting Puerh tea is the key.

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