Public relations strategies are evolving in the world of social networking and Web 2.0. It’s still any business owner’s dream to be featured in a key media piece where their expertise and business are showcased. The free publicity and additional media queries alone can revolutionize your profits and position you favorably in front of prospects, clients, and colleagues. But what happens next? Do you sit by the phone and wait for the flood of calls that may or may not come in? Do you blast all your contacts with news of your good coverage?

Maximizing media exposure is key if you want to stretch a little media attention a long way. With the advent of social networking sites, a new way of maximizing your public relations is now underway. Social networking sites are pulling incredible amounts of traffic acting as their own media wires for savvy business owners. When done correctly, social networking can give new life to your media attention and position you in front of new prospects, referral partners, and media leads.

These public relations tips will help you expand your name recognition (and possibly invite more PR your way!) with social networking. They’re simple, easy, and highly effective strategies.

1. Blog About It
Whenever you get media attention, be sure to mention it in your blog. Link over to the publication or whoever mentioned you and sing their praises. Use keywords that will attract new readers and identify your name with that topic. You can also talk casually on a blog about the emotional side of being featured in the media; share your excitement or behind the scenes observations (keep a positive spin!). This helps showcase your personality and highlight you as a good person for other media to call upon.

2. Use RSS Feeds to Share Your Message With a Wider Audience
Connect your blog’s RSS feed to social networking sites so other people can start reading about your media appearances and other PR. The beauty of an RSS feed is that it does the work of cross posting for you! So if you share good news about a media mention, more people will learn about it. The impact of RSS feeds is exponential- check out the various sites for information on how to activate this powerful tool. Consider it your automated public relations department.

3. Create A Podcast Or Vlog (Video Blog) To Spotlight Your Media Exposure.
Script out a 1-2 minute blurb giving tips and information related to your area of expertise. Then casually add in “These are the same tips I shared in the latest issue of Blah-Blah Magazine. Pick up the latest issue and let me know what you think by commenting on this blog!” You don’t want to make it an outright commercial, but rather a subtle nod to the great PR. If you were featured in a print publication, hold it up in the video; it will make a nice prop.

4. Let Your Database Know
There is nothing wrong with celebrating! Sometimes we just want people to see us in the spotlight. Write up a humble yet compelling note to your friends and invite them to check out your great PR. Link over to the site or to your blog where you talk about the experience.

Getting great PR is a wonderful gift but it doesn’t stop there. Give your media exposure new life by sharing about it on social networking sites. Remember, you’re not making a sales pitch, but rather a subtle nod to your great public relations.

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Nancy Marmolejo is the Official Public Relations Expert for Self Growth Online. As a Public Relations, Media, and Social Networking strategist, Nancy specializes in helping women entrepreneurs position themselves as sought after, recognized experts. Her clients have been featured in major TV and radio markets, national publications, and Web 2.0. Pick up Nancy’s free audio course by visiting her website,

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