Public speaking is an art: this is an adage most of us have heard time and again. However, not many people are aware that if you plan your speech properly you also give your marketing efforts a strong boost. Apart from impacting your audience the same helps your brand too and here is a guide to public speaking.


The audience is there to listen to you because they expect you can give them information that is credible and worth listening to. An inability to do so negatively impacts the opinion they have of your brand. In case you are offering statistics do make sure to mention their sources to add weight. Else if the data is your own you should tell the audience how you got hold of the same. Whatever information you provide should give the impression that your brand is a credible source of marketing insights.


A boring or drab speech is a strict no-no in such situations. Your audience converts into customers only when they see some value in the product that you are offering. However, if in the speech you continue to mention the benefits of your product, they are likely to lose all focus. Instead, try to make it an enthusiastic representation of what you would like them to know. Keeping the involvement levels high makes the audience curious about knowing what your brand is and this eventually leads them to purchase and check it out.

Keep it small

By talking too much on one topic you are most likely forcing the people to lose their interest. You must first start with the main points you are going to cover and then briefly explain each one of them. This leads your audience interest to arise and they would be waiting for the next header coming their way. However, this does not mean that you give them vague and insufficient information as that would leave them asking for more.

Emotional touch

Everyone likes a brand that cares. Your words, tone of voice and body language should be such that links an emotional connection with the people sitting there. It should elicit a response either through joy, sadness or anger and once that happens your purpose is fulfilled, the audience would remember your brand long after the speech is over.

Prepare in advance

Wayne Burgraff once said that “It takes one hour of practice for each minute of presentation time.” Obviously, you cannot consider your speech as a regular affair because if you do the returns would not show. Present the speech before any neutral parties to know if any of the statements or words used can be considered derogatory in any manner.


The kind of effort that you require to deliver a path-breaking speech is immense. However, if you want your speech to get you, customers, you must work hard and follow the above tips. The customer is very smart these days and your extra care in writing the speech can lead them towards your brand. Once that happens you are sure to get some long-lasting customers for sure.

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Hi, I am Douglas Brooks, I am a writer, advisor, and traveler.