PubHTML5, a leading technology company in the publishing of software announces the recently released better and upgraded version, 5.4.7, of its flipbook software more suited for windows users.

The technology provider which has gained wide publicity and coverage due to the publishing of numerous flipbooks with easy page turning effect has yet again made additions to the previous version of flipbook maker in a bid to address the concern of users and make file conversion as hitch-free as possible.

PubHTML5 assists users to easily convert PDF files or images to digital flipbooks that work on any device and with the personal features addition, the flipbooks are made into interactive and fun digital publications. PubHTML5 makes the most user-friendly flipbook. The updated software version has a number of new fixtures and features that make the created flipbooks as interesting and engaging as possible. The new template is less cumbersome and neater in appearance than previous versions. The toolbar color and toolbar button color has been modified to easily be fixed in the zoom status.

The new version of the flipbook software has been optimized for better performance, to increase online reading, as it does not crash when a new video or audio file is added. Additionally, the updated version can be easily accessible by mobile users without as much as a small glitch as the complaints on the use has been well-attended to and performance is optimum. Additionally, desktop users can make use of the new search box to take a quick peruse or quick find of the required document without crashing the browser. The updated flipbook software also allows for the addition of social media information, publication protection and also an offline version.

Conclusively, the updated flipbook software converts files to engaging materials for easy readability and also directly saves the files to the cloud for safe keeping, backup, and easy sharing, as needed. The updated flipbook software does not only come with a better and more user-friendly interface but also with optimized functions to create the best reading experience.

About PubHTML5
PubHTML5, the useful flipbook software, comes back to the users with all bug fixes. It is the big surprise for the digital publishers as now they are free to publish digital magazines, brochures and flipbook online. For more , please visit

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