You can never win chicken dinner if you don’t know the right gun and how it works in close range, mid-range, and long-range battles. You must have noticed your friends fight over the guns they want to play with. Have you ever thought why are they so desperate to take a particular gun when there are many available in the game? Well, Happy Gamer has all the answers.

Whether you are a novice or expert gamer, your gun holds the prominence in winning the battleground. Before, you pick any gun lying on the floor make sure that what is it beneficial or is it good enough to give you and your friends a chicken dinner. Expert players keep the combination of guns. If you are willing to win the game then it is important to pick the best two guns. Along with the right gun, you should also know a little about ammo and how much destruction they can cause to your enemies in some shorts. Let's find out the best guns for Close, Mid and Long Range Battles in PUBG Mobile.

For Close Range Battles

Thinking what is a close range or its measurement? Then, it means the enemy is either right in front of you or in distance fewer than 50 meters. For such purpose choosing, AKM or M762 is the best option to kill your enemy in just some shots. All the guns who require 7.62mm, tend to give more damage than any other gun. Meanwhile, along with the fight, you should know how to cover yourself up with the level 3 helmet and vest.

For Mid-Range Battles:

After talking about the close range battles, here comes the mid-range. We can measure the mid-range battles when the enemy mid-range is in distance up to 150 meters to 250 meters. For such purpose, you can equip yourself with M416 as an assault rifle. To make it more powerful, use 4x or 6x scope. You can spray your bullets easily with M416 as it has less recoil as compared to other guns. You can also pick Mini-14 or SKS that are DMR(Designated Marksman Rifle) to knock down the enemy. We bet with just 4 to 5 shots the enemy will be dead.

For Long-Range Battles:

Here comes the term sniping. A happy gamer knows the importance of sniping and Long-range battles. when the enemy is in the distance range of more than 300 meters from you then it comes under long range battles. You can choose any Sniper Rifle is best suited, by adding 8x scope for the best use. You can even target headshot or instant knock or kill. Pick Kar98, M24, or AWM for the best shoot in a long range battle. As these guns can also be equipped with 8x scope and hence has the capability to give more damage to the enemy standing far away from you.

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