1. Reduce fat, lose weight, lower blood pressure, and resist arteriosclerosis. Dr. Emile Caroby, clinical teaching director of Saint Anthony Medical School in Paris, has used Yunnan Pu-erh Tuocha clinical trial to prove: "Yunnan Pu-erh Tuo Tea has a good benefit on reducing lipid content and cholesterol content. Kunming Medical College of China also conducted 55 clinical trials of Yunnan Pu-erh Tuocha for the treatment of hyperlipidemia, and compared with 31 cases of Antomin treatment with better lipid-lowering benefit. Long-term drinking Pu-erh tea can reduce cholesterol and glyceride, so long-term drinking Pu-erh tea has the function of treating obesity. Drinking Pu-erh tea can cause physiological benefits such as vasodilation, blood pressure drop, heart rate slowing and brain blood flow reduction, so it has a good therapeutic benefit on patients with hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis.

2. Anti-cancer. Professor Liang Mingda and Hu Meiying have used cell culture and electron microscopy methods to study the anti-cancer benefit of Pu-erh tea for more than ten years, and found that Pu-erh tea has the strongest cancer killing benefit, and even ordinary people drink tea at a concentration of 1% It has obvious benefit. Drinking Pu-erh tea can prevent cancer.

3. Nourish the stomach and protect the stomach. At a suitable concentration, drinking peaceful Pu-erh tea does not stimulate the stomach and intestines. The thick, sweet, and mellow Pu-erh tea enters the human stomach and forms a film that adheres to the surface layer of the stomach, producing a beneficial protective layer for the stomach. Pu-erh tea can play a role in nourishing and protecting the stomach.

4. Healthy teeth. Pu-erh tea contains many physiologically active ingredients, which have the function of sterilization and disinfection. Professor Cao Jin of Hunan Medical University used Pu-erh Jiantou tea to inhibit the adhesion of Proteus mutans. It was found that Pu-erh Jiantou tea had antibacterial plaque formation at a concentration of 1% Time is best.

5. Anti-inflammatory, sterilization and dysentery. Medical research and clinical experiments have shown that Yunnan Pu-erh tea has a bacteriostatic benefit, and concentrated tea juice can be used ten times a day to treat bacterial dysentery, which is directly related to the rich tea polyphenols contained in Yunnan big leaf Tea.

6. Anti-aging. The catechin-like inclusions in tea have an anti-aging benefit. The total amount of catechin in Yunnan big leaf tea is higher than other tea varieties, and the anti-aging benefit is better than other teas. At the same time, during the processing of Pu-erh tea, macromolecular polysaccharides are converted into a large number of new soluble monosaccharides and oligosaccharides, and vitamin C is multiplied. These substances play an important role in improving the function of the human immune system. The benefit of keeping in good health and prolonging life.

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