The psychology of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is the only one that can really help you find authentic happiness in life. The unconscious treatment is indispensable to all human beings. This is a free treatment provided to everyone through dream messages.

However, you have to learn the meaning of the dream language in order to understand the secret unconscious messages, which work like psychotherapy.

The true meaning of the dream language was discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung, who was a true genius not properly recognized by our hypocritical world. My work proves that Jung really discovered the right way to translate the meaning of the dream images.

However, Jung’s method is so complicated, confused, and time consuming that only intellectuals have the patience to precisely follow his steps. There are also many answers that he couldn’t give.

Carl Jung admitted his ignorance, and stopped researching the unknown content of the human psyche at certain point. He knew that there was craziness in the human brain, and that it was inherited. However, he didn’t know where all this absurdity was. He didn’t want to find craziness and lose his mind.

Jung was right for stopping his research. The wise unconscious mind advised him in his dreams that he had to accept ignorance.

I continued this research from the point Jung abandoned it because I was practically schizophrenic, and I needed more answers. I was encouraged to continue Carl Jung’s research by the unconscious mind in my own dreams.

The unconscious mind kept showing me in my dreams that I would help many people through dream therapy, even though I was only in the beginning of my adventures. I trusted the dream predictions, precisely obeying the unconscious guidance.

I found all the craziness existent in the human brain. It belongs to the wild side of our conscience that didn’t evolve like the human side of our conscience, which I named anti-conscience. The anti-conscience works against our conscience, trying to destroy it.

I was guided by the wise unconscious mind during my entire research. I completely trusted the unconscious wisdom after verifying that the unconscious mind had a divine origin.

I was very obedient especially because I was very afraid of all the absurdity I had inherited. I managed to see the entire content of my anti-conscience. Discovering so much evilness in my psyche was a very shocking experience.

The anti-conscience is a terrible monster. It is our animal personality. It can think, but it has no human feelings, and no sensitivity. The anti-conscience is a demon.

After having this vision, I could completely understand the meaning of dreams, and simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation, transforming it into a fast method of instant translation from images into words. I simplified his method even more by curing numerous people through dream therapy for 19 years.

Today you have the privilege to easily learn what previous generations had no chances to understand.

The unconscious mind produces your dreams exactly in order to help you fight against your absurd anti-conscience and tame this monster. This is why most dreams reflect dangerous situations.

Your anti-conscience becomes more powerful as you pass through many deceptions in life. You have to eliminate this monster from your psyche before it manages to destroy your human conscience. Otherwise, you will pass through many bitter experiences in life, and you’ll make many mistakes.

Your idiotic and evil anti-conscience doesn’t let you find peace. It keeps bothering you, because it wants to control your behavior and get rid of your human sensibility.

You must protect your sanity, and care about guaranteeing your mental stability before becoming a victim of your terrible anti-conscience. This is the only way you can decide your destiny, and stop being a slave of your wild nature.

Carl Jung couldn’t see how absurd the human brain really is. He trusted the human conscience, believing that a person should never speculate the unknown content of their psyche, unless they had such necessity.

Jung was convicted that one must act based on the judgment of his or her own conscience. He considered the unconscious mind only as a good counselor for the human being.

However, he was wrong for considering our human conscience so strong. Our human conscience is totally absurd because it is one-sided. We are basically totally absurd from birth. We need psychotherapy in order to evolve.

The terrible violent tendencies we have inherited generate terror. We must completely eliminate these tendencies if we want to find peace.

Jung was also wrong for believing that the unconscious mind was only a good counselor for the human being. As a psychiatrist, Jung couldn’t have a religious attitude before the unconscious wisdom. He couldn’t recognize the unconscious sanctity.

On the other hand, since he didn’t know where the craziness existent in the human mind was, Jung was afraid that the unconscious mind was evil. He thought that wisdom and evilness could coexist, while this is a totally absurd conclusion. Wisdom is sanctity and perfection. Evilness is the result of ignorance and suffering.

Jung was also wrong for believing that one shouldn’t speculate the content of his or her psyche if he had no necessity to do so. He didn’t know how really absurd the human conscience is, he didn’t completely trust the unconscious mind, and he didn’t know where the craziness already existent in the human brain was. This is why Jung was afraid of the process of consciousness carried on through dream interpretation. He couldn’t indicate it to everyone.

However, now that we know that all dreams protect us from our terrible anti-conscience, we have to study the meaning of dreams and research the content of our psyche the fastest possible. This is how we will be able to completely eliminate our anti-conscience before it will manage to generate mental illnesses within our conscience.

This information must open your eyes. You have to care about studying dream translation, especially if you have children.

Most people lose their human conscience when they become adults. They are eternal victims of various mental illnesses, even though they ignore that they are mentally ill.

Don’t be like them. You have the chance to eliminate all dangers and live peacefully and happily. Why should you follow the tragic destiny of the previous generations? Now you know how to protect your sanity and evolve.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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