As mysterious as psychic self defense sounds, it is an intuition skill we all can hone and polish once we understand it. I’m not saying that some of us don’t actually have mind reading capabilities. If you did, then you would have a far greater advantage over most of us already, and probably wouldn’t be interested in reading this page.

There are some people who can “read” other people well. Christians would call it the gift of discernment. They can tell if someone is lying, confused about instructions, afraid of something, etc. Perhaps they are just more observant of human behavior than others.

Back in human’s earliest history I believe that we all paid more attention to the psychic than we do now. Modern technology and sophistication has turned us from relying on intuition. We may experience feelings warning us of a dangerous situation, but we disregard it if we cannot logically explain it. Later, after the incident we remember and say, “Somehow, I knew” and wish we had heeded the warning.

While women call it intuition, men call it a “gut feeling”. Whatever you call it, intuition is your own personal solution to violence. We want to explain away that uneasy feeling, not wishing to appear paranoid, ignoring the survival signals. While intuitions work in your favor, denial works against you.

Denial is the problem here. Even when it’s wrong Americans embrace logic and even when it’s right we reject intuition. The danger of denial is that it keeps women from doing something to reduce risks to prevent situations. Intuition is an amazing natural process more complicated than computer calculations.

Here are a few things you should know about risks in America. Every hour 75 women are raped. Homicide is now the leading cause of death for women in the workplace. 20% of all homicides are by strangers and 80% are by acquaintances.

Human violence is not senseless or random; to the perpetrator it always has purpose and meaning. Some psychiatrists believe that we all possess the ability to commit criminal activities. Sigmund Freud wrote that human instincts could be divided into two categories: “those which seek to preserve and unite and those which seek to destroy and kill” and that life evolves from their “acting together and against each other”. Sort of a yin and yang theory.

So don’t discount your psychic self defense mechanism because you believe that these things won’t/can’t happen to you. Hone your survival instinct. Trust your intuition. We unconsciously observe the routine behavior of adults around us. It is only when we notice unusual that we start to pay attention.

Sometimes we don’t notice these things consciously, but our brain registers them-causing supposedly unsolicited suspicions, apprehensions, doubt, nagging feelings, anxiety and even fear. Only later if we analyze the situation do we uncover the reasons.

When someone strikes up an unsolicited conversation with you, you need to know the warning signs of a potential attack- abduction, rape and/or murder. He wants to gain your trust with these methods:

To charm is a verb not a trait and unsolicited niceness often has a motive.
Statements made to indicate you two are in “the same boat” somehow.
He offers too many story details to distract you so you don’t listen to your instinct that this is not safe.
He throws out a slight insult- your type is too proud to except his help- to snobbish to talk to him to promote continued conversation.
He will somehow help you so you feel indebted to him.
He doesn’t take no for an answer- wants to control you.

Once you recognize any of these traits, please heed your intuition and get your self out of the situation. BE FIRM. Remember, you don’t care if he thinks you’re a bitch, because right now he thinks of you as a victim! Do not accept his help. Do not try to be polite, he will use that as a weakness. Tell him “NO!” Tell him to leave you alone, NOW!
If he walks away calling you names- that would be a favorable outcome compared to what he had in mind.

Always trust your intuition; that is psychic self defense.
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Author's Bio: 

Su Ericksen is a first degree TaeKwonDo black belt and has taught self defense workshops. She lives in the Midwest with her family and works at a large medical center in the cardiology clinic.
You may contact her through her website: Self