Whilst I was reading a book about psychic protection, someone basically turned their nose up when they saw the cover. It was clear that this person believed that what I wasn’t reading anything worthwhile.

I didn’t think much of what they said and carried on reading the book. After a while, something took place that was bound to make this person question their view on this topic, if only for a few seconds.

A Moment Later

This person ended up being approached by someone and this caused them to pull back. They told me that there was something weird about the other person, which was why they responded in this way.

I thought that it was strange that this took place just after they had dismissed what I was reading. Shortly after they had finished talking, I commented jokingly that this must show that they need psychic protection.

An Important Barrier

This person laughed when I said this and that was the end of it. What this experience exemplified for me is that someone doesn’t need to be hit or put down to by another person in order to be negatively impacted by them.

One can be affected by other people’s thoughts and their feelings. And, the more sensitive someone is, the more chance there is of them being affected by what is going on for another person.

A Common Term

When someone has the tendency to drain other people of their energy, they can be called an ‘energy vampire’. Nonetheless, someone doesn’t need to be a full time energy vampire to take energy from others.

Let’s say that someone is going through tough time due to losing a loved one, they can take a lot of energy from others. Being this way won’t be part of their nature, it will simply reflect where they are currently at.

A Key Point

One thing the book went into was how someone will be more likely to be drained by others if they have weak boundaries. This is because having good boundaries will not only allow someone to say no, they will also provide them with energetic protection.

If someone has bad boundaries as an adult, it can show that their boundaries were not respected during their early years. Through being walked over by their caregiver/s, it would have stopped this energetic boundary from forming.

Final Thoughts

The book I was reading was ‘Psychic Protection’ by Judy Hall. Even though I haven’t read much of the book, I would say that it is perfect for someone who wants to learn more about this subject.

If someone finds that their boundaries are weak, they may need to reach out for external support. By working with a therapist or a healer, for instance, they will be able to work through their inner wounds and this can allow them to gradually develop strong boundaries.

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