All too often, psychic energy is portrayed as a spooky, weird power supernaturally possessing a small minority of chosen individuals, giving them the ability to see into other peoples souls and revealing mysterious, hidden secrets from their past or predicting the future. This could not be further from reality. Even the belief that this energy is a mental wave traveling around the world to accomplish things ordinary people could never do is misguided.

To understand psychic energy, it is essential to first of all understand basic laws of every-day-physics. Essentially, physics describes everything as solid manifestations of vibrating energy. In a similar way, the invisible waves humanity uses every day, such as sound and light, radio and TV, electricity, x-rays and microwaves all consist of vibrating energy. This also applies to the human mind, which is basically nothing but an energy station creating, transmitting and receiving energy.

Every thought, every emotion, is essentially an invisible wave of energy, which is compounded by free will. These waves can be transmitted from one human being to the next on the earthly plane. Psychic energy, which is present within the subconscious level of every human's mind, allows communication of that which words can not express. Sadly, while it is present in everyone to a certain degree, in most people this energy lies dormant and is only occasionally glimpsed through usually unexpected flashes of intuition or occasional feelings of deja-vu.

It is, however, possible to develop this energy and use it to help others through focused concentration and willpower, which is basically what every psychic reader on the planet has done. Instead of burying this gift, these individuals have taken their ability and nurtured it through meditation and regular practice. Like a person that has a talent for music will practice playing an instrument, or an artistic person will create increasingly beautiful paintings or sculptures, so a psychic will hone his or her ability to discern the past or take a glimpse into a possible future.

Perfectly real, present to varying degrees in every person and potentially immensely powerful, psychic energy can be tuned into and nurtured just like any other talent or gift. Just like learning a language, for example, the user's ability will grow and become better the more it is used. How a person uses his or her ability can vary tremendously. Some will simply use it to improve their own life by learning to meditate, discern their own path in life by interpreting patterns and attempting to follow their intuition when making decisions.

Others develop their ability to help others through readings, healing, etc. Some may use tools to help them in discerning answers for others, such as Tarot cards, runes or crystal balls, while others use their ability to establish a link to those who dwell in the afterlife as a medium.

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Rachel Ann works for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a Reiki Master, promoting discovery of the personal spiritual pathway through the use of established and expert clairvoyants, astrologers, tarot readers and mediums.



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