The communication with the spirits is known as Mediumship. In the religious beliefs like the Louisiana, Spiritualism, Voodoo this practice of mediumship is commonly used.

The Psychic Medium can be defined as the duplication of energy system and energies by the means of spirits. Perceptible manifestations like the apports, materialized bodies of spirits, their body parts, materialized objects and also levitation are also involved in the Psychic mediumship. The medium in this practice is utilized as a power source for the manifestations of the spirits.

The symbolization of the psychic medium is done by the dimly lit or a darkened room. Tools and traditional appurtenances like the spirit trumpets, levitation tables and spirit cabinets were used.
The word "psychic medium", must not be confused as saying that some induced apart which is confined to the physical plane. The apport which might be ectoplasm or any other medium must be composed of astral, casual, mental material. Instead, the word "physical mediumship" is utilized to imply effect which is manifested upon things that are present on physical plane, by making use of which is just physical and not chemical with material that is transported out just temporarily of another place of existence.
There is a sharp and constant interest between the people who have a spiritual nature in order to understand laws of the world. Queries like whether a person’s mind can sense and put an impact on the world surrounding them. The disposition of soul before and after life is also a matter of important consideration which the people have to understand. Psychic mediums are those people who are bestowed by certain gifts and are able to provide answers to questions.
A person who has the ability to respond to psychic forces is known as a psychic. The psychic people are endowed with telepathy, extrasensory perception and many other qualities and the people who are messengers between the living and the dead are considered to be the mediums. These mediums act in the form of conduit of the spirits of the people who have passed away. Mediums are also called chandeliers.
A psychic medium has the qualities of the psychic as well as the medium. These are the people who can communicate with the spirits of the dead and then also share there talk telepathically with the living.
If we speak in general, psychics do not use any special tools which are employed; they make use of some rituals in order to access their abilities. The tools like the summoning circles are used by the mediums, they also use paraphernalia or altars, as well as certain rituals to put them inhere proper frame of mind.
Although science has every now and then tried to qualify and quantify the unexplained phenomena, still there is very meager to no evidence in errand of the subsistence of psychic medium. However, due to the shortage of scientific capabilities to study the forces psychic medium deal with, no definite answers are available in one way or another.

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