It is on the energy provided by very tiny particles of matter that both the non living objects as well as living objects derive life from. The particles are always in motion according to the laws of Physics. All objects are covered with energy due to this constant movement of particles. Aura is nothing but this energy which is derived due to the constant movement of the particles around the human frame. This particular fact or aura has already been proven scientifically too. A particular kind of photography termed as Kirilian photography is used for taking photographs of this energy that surrounds all living as well as non living objects. In the process of psychic healing, different energy fields are tapped for potential.

Using different fields of energy
There are different fields of energy in an aura which comprise of a number of colors that are referred to and used in psychic healing. Depending on these colors different unseen implications can be understood about a particular person or a particular object as far as energy levels are concerned. Whenever an individual falls ill, a particular layer of the person’s aura reflects the illness. Illness of the person can be psychological as well as physical. The particular ailment or illness gets cured only when the fields of energy that exists around the person gets cleansed and cured.

Energy from the Universe utilized in psychic healing
Energy gets transferred via a particular process. All the matter that exists in the universe contains energy. The Universe has energy as its main source of pulsation. The psychic healer uses the energy from the Universe to rejuvenate the ailing via a transfer of this eternal pulsating power. Energy healing within that individual takes place via the reinforced energy present within the body of that particular individual. Replacement of both the bad as well as good energies takes place which then gets grounded into the energy of the earth.

Different names - a single healing process
Many different names are given to this process of psychic healing:
- Balancing
- Psychic healing
- Chakra healing
- Reiki
- Laying on hands

Various methods are followed in these different kinds of techniques; however there is a lot of similarity in the main premise followed. Healing of the psychic type also has another pathway where energy from the earth is not used. As a medium for transferring energy or as a channel for transferring energy, the Healer’s energy body is used.

Channeling of information
In the case of psychic surgery and energy channeling, intent and energy are channelized. Those who need to get healed are helped via a process wherein the spirit bodies involved with healing enter into a plane of co-existence. In a process termed as channeling information from the people who are no longer living and also information accessed on the plane of spiritual existence are harnessed and used. When psychic surgery takes place, the spirits carry out the surgery in which people facing problems physically also get healed. The psychic healing experience is generally non invasive and painless in nature.
Reliability of different healing procedures

It is very essential to understand the reliability of different healing procedures that use psychic healing. A lot of criticisms, hoaxes as well as frauds have been linked to these experiences that are spiritually based. In case you are going to approach a psychic healer it is very necessary to first check the qualifications or the credentials. By calling people for many visits which are not necessary there are a number of psychic healers who can loot you of your skin.

Genuine psychic healers
Only the genuine healers who are proficient in their field and have the right kind of credentials will call the afflicted person for just a visit or two to get treated completely. However in case a person faces problems that are chronic in nature, then the psychic healing will differ accordingly. There are certain individuals who go to any extent and believe just about anything even if they suffer from problems that are very acute in future. This kind of a psychic situation taken into account and capitalized on is termed as the Placebo Effect where just because the person desires to get cured in a particular way, he or she starts believing in the process.

Self healing can work wonders
A large number of people get cured by the process of self healing, while coping with different kinds of ailments or illnesses. Since the results prove to be miraculous there are lots of people who believe strongly in psychic healing and readings these days. Different kinds of problems, depression as well as stress can be best overcome with the assistance of psychics through distant psychic healing. People are made aware of their situations and these psychics for healing depression and stress by making the best use of readings from tarot cards, numerology as well as astrology.

Understanding the ‘soul’ concept
Efforts are made to help people defeat sorrow and pain and also have a better understanding of the concept of ‘inner soul’. Spiritual energy is used to heal individuals by following a process called psychic healing. This is one of the most explored methods today for getting cured of ills that take a toll on life and lifestyle. The paranormal healing method is looked upon more as a miracle when all it does is cleanse energies.

Amazing results in psychic dimensions
Since the results of this kind of healing in psychic dimensions are all around to see, investigate and measure for extent, there are a large number of people who strongly believe in them. Energy is a gift from The Higher Power that a few individuals are blessed to harness and use to heal others by different methods in the psychic healing process. Various kinds of problems can be best treated with cosmic energy or positive energy or energy from the universe.
- Depression
- Stress
- Cancer
- Anxiety
- Phobias
All that is needed is faith and the right method of deployment.

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