Every living thing is made up of energy vibrations. Everything has its own ‘energy imprint’ that is called its vibration. These vibrations have rhythmic patterns that move almost constantly, like the swinging of a pendulum. When you start to find yourself developing psychic skills, you are starting to connect to an increasing range of vibrations and your energy field or range begins to expand. During this expansion in the early days, the energy is often all over the place, as you might be unaware of how to settle it. It all becomes a bit scattered and the pendulum can swing too fast, the energy becoming uncontrolled, a common complaint from those new to psychic development. The toaster stops working one morning, the light bulbs blow, even the new ones; the time on the clock keeps changing or it stops.

One lady, I remember, new to psychic development, created an unmanaged energy to the extent her toaster, microwave, light bulbs, stereo and boiler all blew in the same very expensive week! As soon as everything began to steady, a very powerful psychic and healing energy emerged in her.

So, what causes this energy surge and how do you control it? As the ‘pendulum’ of your energy swings, at the top and bottom of the vibrations pattern it has a moment of rest or potential rest, often referred to as the stillpoint. The stillpoint of your pendulum swing matches with the ultimate stillpoint.

The ultimate stillpoint is the original state of all vibrations, the point at which everything meets. At the heart of where everything meets, all vibrations are interconnected and through the centre runs the ultimate stillpoint. By having access to all vibrations, this state has intimate knowledge of them all. A psychic is only ever matching their pendulum stillpoint with the stillpoint of the ‘ultimate pendulum’. In doing so, the psychic then has a wide view.

Those consciously or unconsciously starting to develop their psychic ability are beginning to experience involuntary ‘stillpoint matches’ with the ultimate pendulum. These may show as flashes of uncontrolled intuition and psychic experiences; these can frighten a person, who, without intending to, connects with the ultimate stillpoint – the flash of a relative dying or a car accident. On a positive note, the job promotion or lottery win can be seen before it happens.

Meditation and similar practices in developing psychic ability help create vibrational levels closer to the stillpoint of the ultimate pendulum, where, if you choose: you can make clear connections to help you understand a person’s thinking or behaviour; move yourself towards opportunities; understand dilemmas and make ‘conscious’ decisions. This is a hugely helpful tool for everyday life as well as for those all important situations.

The Force, as Yoga calls it, can be described as a reference to the stillpoint of the ultimate pendulum. If you’re Eastern, you might call this energy Chi; Western you might call it God; a scientist you might call it electromagnetic energy.

Regardless of what you call it, it responds to what comes from within an individual. A strong connection to it comes with a spiritual progression of the self, as a result of an amazing increased confidence, inner knowing, trust of the self and a feeling of safety in the world no matter what life produces.

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Heidi Sawyer is the Course Director of the Heidi Sawyer Institute of Psychic Development. She is the authority on the subject and her home study psychic development course is the flagship course in this field. It is the most sold product of its kind in the world. What makes Heidi stand out from others is her very strong and loyal psychic support network. Visit her psychic courses website or join her 20,000+ psychic newsletter readership.