A ketogenic diet is composed of low-carb with high fat linked with many health benefits, some including; weight loss, preventing an increase in weight and age-related mental decline. All over the world, this diet has grown popular with customers turning to several keto-friendly supplements. Exogenous ketone supplements have been known to provide benefits in the ketogenic diet even if the customer is not following one. Among the brands producing supplements well known for their ability to increase energy is the Pruvit Keto OS brand.
The following article is a review to Pruvit Keto OS supplements. Included is the evidence behind exogenous ketones.

Pruvit is a self-proclaimed leader in ketone technology. It is also the producer of Keto OS supplements. Keto OS (Ketone Operating System) is an exogenous Ketone drink which comes in a variety of flavors.
In terms of appearance, it comes as a powder in both bulk containers and on the go (OTG) packets which are meant to dissolve in cold water. A heaping scoop of Keto OS should be mixed with 12 to 16 ounce of cold water and taken at least once a day for therapeutic or even twice a day for "optimal performance." This procedure is recommended by Pruvit to ensure you have adequate non-sugar energy supply in your body for the day.

What Is Ketones?
Well referred to us as ketone bodies, these are compounds produced by the body as an alternative energy source instead of glucose.
There are many instances when the body produces ketone, for example, during starvation, prolonged fasting and when you are on a ketogenic diet. In this body conditions, the body brakes to a metabolic state called ketosis which is very efficient in burning of calories.
During Ketogenesis the liver takes fatty acids and converts them to ketones for the body to use as the source of energy. When blood sugar levels are deficient ketone becomes the primary source of energy for the body tissues (brain and muscles tissue). The ketones which are produced Ketogenesis include; acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate and lastly acetone.
In general, there are two types of ketones: The Endogenous ketones: Which are ketones made naturally by the body through Ketogenesis? The Exogenous ketones: Which is ketone supplied into the body by an external source (nutritional supplement).

We have two sorts of exogenous ketone supplements you can access:
• The Ketone salts: Which are mostly found in ketone supplements available on the market even including Keto OS. Ketone salts are composed of ketones that are mostly bound to sodium, calcium or also potassium to increase intake.
• The Ketone esters: They are primarily used in research and not readily available to customers. It is mainly composed of pure beta-hydroxybutyrate and other additives.
Apart from beta-hydroxybutyrate, the Pruvit Keto OS supplements contain caffeine, MCT, powder, ascorbic acid, malic acid, and the natural, zero-calorie sweetener Stevia.

How Do Pruvit Keto Os Supplement Work?

Keto OS supplements are said to allow the customer to reach a state of nutritional ketosis within 60 minutes of consumption. This product is the best alternative for individuals turned off by hard work and dedication it requires to reach the state of ketosis through a ketosis diet. This quest can take up to weeks to achieve.
A standard ketogenic diet is composed of 5 carbohydrates, 15% protein, and lastly 80% fat. It can be hard to follow this type of food for a prolonged period. Exogenous ketone supplements were made to provide individuals with a quicker way to achieve ketosis and experience its benefits without observing a strict diet or fasting. Unlike most ketogenic diets which produce fewer ketones, drinking Keto OS, it results in a rapid increase in blood ketones.
After the product has been ingested beta-hydroxybutyrate is taking into the bloodstream and converted into a useful source of energy for the body.
One striking feature of the exogenous ketones is the ability to raise ketone levels even when the consumer is not in a state of ketosis before. Based on Pruvit vs Beachbody studies it has been proven that taking this type of supplements helps one reach ketosis just like a ketogenic diet would or even fasting. It also has the same benefits such as weight loss, increased energy and not forgetting mental clarity.

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