Every year new growth will occur on your bonsai tree, so when styling your tree it is vital to have the correct tools and instructions. Two of the most basic techniques are learning how to remove unwanted branches by cutting them off and also how to pinch and twist off new growths. The types of branches that you wish to remove will include trunk crossing branches, symmetrical branches and parallel branches. You can buy specially made bonsai trimming shears however Tree Removal Tulsa quite a few other garden tools will be able to serve a similar purpose. As long as you can gain access to the branch and remove it correctly without harming the other parts of your plant then you should be alright.

Learning to choose the correct branches to remove is an art in itself. Younger tree will often have a series of ugly looking growths which you may not want to have on your bonsai. However, you must keep in mind that this tree is only trying to make itself healthy and does not concern itself with beauty. So whilst these initial growths may look ugly they are in fact helping your bonsai tree grow quickly and healthily. Because these growths are healthy, if you remove them they are likely to sprout again in the same location. So whilst young trees may have undesirable growths, it's a good idea to leave them on younger plants and then remove them later on once the tree has matured. Leaving the unwanted growths will speed the trees growth rate whilst it is younger and then later on they can be removed and styled professionally. This is a mistake that many amateur bonsai tree growers perform.

Cut into the tree when you come across unwanted branches such as a fork (when two branches are opposite one another on the either side of the trunk). This is because when the bonsai heals, the healing is likely to grow outwards and swell slightly. By cutting inwards it flattens the scar giving a much smoother and more natural looking appearance. If you don't have a cutter that cuts into the branch then just cut off the tree normally and then use something such as a file to make a small groove where the branch has just been removed. The practice of doing this correctly is important as it is something you will need to do this a lot as you grow your bonsai trees.

Once you've done this you'll want to apply some wood sealant because otherwise you'll be leaving a wound open on the plant. This can become vulnerable to bacteria and fungi infections. Apply the sealant over the wound and leave it until the tree has fully healed before removing. Try to avoid getting the sealant on any other parts of the plant apart from the wound.

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