If you know someone who lives in China or is planning to move to the sleeping giant of Asia, it is best to give him or her the proper tools and educate him or her on the country's culture. One thing that is known in Chinese culture is that most apps such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are banned using the "great firewall." These apps are prohibited because the local government is in charge of content coming from the Internet. These contents should always be in the interest of the country to avoid being banned from the public.

This is the norm in Chinese culture; the government prioritizes their country and do their best to make it better, even if it involves banning worldwide renowned apps. Sadly, not all people agree with their government, and the Chinese people are the same. Some Chinese citizens prefer using these said apps, especially if they had a taste of it. These apps, such as Facebook and Google, are not only fun to use but also convenient. For this reason, proxies are widely used in China.

Proxies, such as Backconnect proxies being used in China since this type of proxy makes it easier to access the Web. Backconnect proxies can help a person surf the Internet by providing numerous IP addresses for one to use. Out of the various number of IP addresses, only one will be used, and if it gets banned, then another IP address will be provided by the proxy. The reason proxies are used is that an IP address of a different country or city can be accessed to surf the Internet. It is very convenient for locals and oncoming tourists who will spend a certain amount of time in the sleeping giant.

The benefits of using a proxy, such as a Backconnect proxy, in China are numerous, especially for a visitor to the country. Since today is the age of technology, most people, if not all, elect to use Google and YouTube apps to conduct their day-to-day activities. For some people, taking away their access to said apps could mean life and death; this is why a proxy comes in handy, especially in China. Thanks to Backconnect proxies, a person in China could post pictures and videos on Facebook, and they can also chat with their loved ones back home. 

In this article, having a proxy, such as a Backconnect proxy, in China is necessary at this age of technology. Without using a Backconnect proxy, a tourist will find trouble doing their normal day-to-day activities in the country. Also, not having a Backconnect proxy can hinder them from communicating with people close to them since spending time away from family can make a person feel lonely.

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