“How to get someone quickly?” is the question every person ask after breakup.

From T.V series to movies we all heard that the relationship is about a bicycle-based on two wheels. Here we discuss all information about “How to get someone quickly?”

If anyone of the wheels is damaged or removed the whole cycle loses control and doesn’t work. The same principles rely on human beings.

We all indulge in relationships which may be with clients, friends, family, or personal.

Relationship Experts say- on earth, we all are connected through some type of emotions like bicycles.

Trust and Support are the main priority of a strong relationship.

Sometimes due to misunderstanding or the situation goes worse the balance disturbs and it ends. Wait wait …it’s not the ending of your life and world.

No one is perfect in the world for anyone, clear this line in mind. Remember perfection is imaginary. Getting over someone really important to live and move on with learning.

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Now look at some of the latest stats about relationships and break- up to face the truth –

1. The average couple dates for 4.9 years before getting married. As you noticed the more you spend quality time with your loved ones the more compatible you become.

2. Men vs Women percentage to fall in love is 48% vs 28% to fall in love at first sight.

3. 71 % of people say they think about their ex too much.

4. 57% < of singletons say remembering ex prevents them from finding new love and moving on.

5. 76 % of women and 70 % of men have looked up an ex on the internet. And 50 % of women and 40 % of men say they look at their ex’s Facebook or other online profile too often.

6. 59% of people remain Facebook “friends” with an ex after they’ve broken up, and 48 % (including 42 percent of married folks) say they look at their ex’s Facebook page or other social networking profile too often.

These stats taken from YourTango.
Why does getting over someone matter a lot?

Relationships are all about trusting and helping each other to rise. Due to some situations, it might be disturbing.

It may be the fault of yours or others partner. But it doesn’t matter.

Getting over someone is very hard in life. The harsh and sad truth of life is everyone at some point in the time left you in life they maybe your parents, partners, friends…

It is hard when you leave someone because your emotions are connected with them which eventually becomes a habit.

Adopting and leaving a habit is a very hard task. If you suffered from breakup there are two things which trouble you most –Fear and Pain.

Fear is about losing other partners and blaming yourself for mistakes which eventually let you down.

Pain is about what they did to you and your emotion. Human brains are very complex and confused in deciding with emotions.
Getting over and moving on is important in following ways :

It may be someone who hurts your feelings and the probability of hurting it again in the future is high if you live with them.

Moving on is the truth of life. Time is a healer and killer. So better take time to get rid of all negative emotions attached to them.

Sometimes getting rejected from others makes you a better version of yourself. Many of us take breakups as opportunities to improve.

To read those inspiration stories visit – 19 Breakup Stories That Are Actually Really Positive.

Heartache and heartbreak are the most humans feared. Both disturb you’re cognitive and physical.

Let’s overdue to How to get rid of it ?

There are 11 proven steps. Just read and imagine yourself in every situation and do apply in life.
Accept it’s over-

It is the most difficult part of the ending. Don’t make a single hope to get them back. Stop console yourself about them.

There should be no contact period means no phone calls, no message, no meetup, no chat nothing…

In the end, console yourself that now my life is going to be even better without them. Now I am going to follow my passion and spend my most of time with my family which is a great asset to life.

Psychology says the brain starts the healing process when you accept the truth.
Give yourself time to revoke-

Time is a healer and killer. So use lots of time to move on.

After the breakup, we are emotionally unstable and want someone to express emotions quickly and want someone to date.

But trust me this would be even worse.

The majority of people start dating someone just after the breakup, which is even worse for them.

They started dating because they need someone to hide emotions and release frustration.

Compressing your emotions makes you worse for a long time.

You can’t love someone else until you love yourself. Don’t put a deadline on grieving but it is a spontaneous and natural process.

It is better to release those emotions out. We will discuss on the next point.
Write a diary or email –

Researcher shows that releasing emotion through writing is the best way to get rid of anxiety.

Try to write an imaginary diary or email to an ex how you feel and express all your thoughts but don’t click the send options.

The next step is to burn that paper(Personal Opinion) it really gives you relief.

The third step again starts to write but this time writes for yourself. Set small realistic goals and move to achieve them.

Make a list of positive things in your life happening right now, as you have enough time to devote to health. Best to get over someone quickly
Clean up the belonging –

Clean all the things related to your ex like chocolate, gifts, letters, dumped them, or send him back.

If your left anything related to your ex you is just messing up your emotion and mind.
Exercise a lot-

It’s a time to devote much of your time into productive things.

Join the gym and utilize the most of time to do weight training or cardio.

Exercise releases endorphins which put you on a natural high and balance all you cognitive emotions.

As you are angry it is a great way to show anger. Convert your energy into lifting heavyweights. if you want to know about diet optimization then read it here.

Let’s move with social ways to get rid of emotions. Best to get over someone quickly
Spend time with your real friends-

Chill out with them. Plan trip to somewhere, do trekking, fishing or something else which give a purpose to live.

Don’t ever talk about your ex and suggest them also.
Talk To Loved Ones Every Day except your EX-

Nothing is important than your family. Spend time with family members to play Uno, cards, and other sports.

Show them you care about them. Make a surprise trip with them.

Get rid Feelings Of Guilt-

Don’t start wondering what you did wrong. Just say yourself “whatever happens is written in destiny and I have to accept “

Regret is more dangerous than death and it makes you sad the whole life.

To get rid of the feeling of guilt console yourself by saying 3 magical words to yourself that is “I am Awesome.” (Best to get over someone quickly)

According to research published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, it takes 11 weeks to feel better after a relationship ends.

However, another study found it takes about 18 months to heal after the end of a marriage.
Replace your hate and anger with gratitude-

Don’t hate anyone in life or say he or she was bad. Just accept it.

Even if you meet your ex, unfortunately, show true respect towards them.

Giving gratitude to others reflects you are more worthy.

Calm your mind that a single fail relationship doesn’t spoil your attitude and self -esteem.

We absolutely need to go through the grieving process and that brings denial, anger, blame, depression, desperation, false hope, and many more in between.
Spend Time On A New Hobby-

Start to adopting new hobbies like learning painting, music, yoga which makes you better and distract you from your past.

Eventually day by day, you forget and laughed about your past, whenever you get reminded.(Best to get over someone quickly)
Invest in Self-Care-

Go to the spa, take a different haircut, groom yourself.

Do shopping buy new cloths, improve body language. Treat yourself in restaurants and enjoy your single-hood. If you want to learn body language analysis then read it here.

Remember steps on your tips:

The above are enough steps to follow to get over someone quickly.

Believe me, there is no one who can help you except you. So reset your mindset and live the life to fullest.

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