Weight loss is no more a herculean task. If you stick on to certain simple tips you can get a slim body. Natural and herbal tips are always suggested for getting good structure.
Here are simple tips that help in losing your pounds within a week:
• The first step that you need to undertake before weight loss is to clean your body. For that you can use a drink, which is a blend of lemon juice, honey and ginger. This is a fantastic drink that cleanses your body. Apart from this, it also energizes you.

• Limiting the amount of food you intake is the next important thing. You should control the intake of carbohydrates and fats. This will augment your size. So try limiting the food intake. You should include more of fruits and vegetables to make your diet fiber rich. Fiber content will help in burning out the fat content in your body.

• Never skip your breakfast. Include more nutritious and Fiberous food in our diet.

• Limit the intake the sugar. Sweet items will only augment your fat. Try to shun the habit of taking pastries and other fatty food items. Even if you are taking milk, go for fat free product so that it is not getting deposited in your body.

• Drink lots of fruit juice. Eat more of vegetables and fruits to fill your appetite with nutritious food.

• Motivate yourself by thinking about your body structure after following the above tips.

Exercise is yet another important thing for maintain your body structure. Exercise according to your convenience. You could choose exercise according to your comfort level. It might be walking, swimming or even riding bicycle.
Following the above tips will help you to reduce your weight effectively.
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