“Blast your musculature, & turn your chiselled-beach body dream into an actuality...!”

You’ve probably heard- ‘Patience Is Virtue...’, well not always! At times, it can be overrated- more so when you’re sweating out in a weight room and focused on one specific outcome- growing your muscles- FAST!

You are lifting weights, and undergoing intense training to rev up the muscle mass. But, despite all your efforts; you obviously don’t see any considerable increase- or at least not the kind you’re after! If that’s the case, then it is a clear tell-tale that your approach is off and you need to change things up.

(And, even if you see some changes, there’s no harm in wanting to see more improvements)

So... How Do You, Rev, Up Your Muscle Mass- Quickly? Here Are Some Proven Hacks Which Could Work For You.

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  • Amp Up Your Training Volume:- Your training volume is the number of reps you perform multiplied by the no.of sets. As per reputed personal training experts in Bowen Hills; you can increase your muscle volume by performing heavy lifts or 4-6 sets of 15-20 reps.
  • Reduce Your Set-Rest Interval:- Along with increasing your training volume- you should also look to decrease your in-between set-rest. Studies reveal that regardless of your rep and workout scheme; fatiguing your muscles is an important prerequisite for hypertrophy- (bulking your muscle mass/thickening the muscle fibre).

What you can do is set your smartphone timer to a 30-60 second interval. The time interval will allow the release of muscle-building hormones (mainly human growth hormone and testosterone).

  • Include More Protein Intake:- Intense workout can cause wear and tear on your muscles. But, proper protein intake helps re-build them. The equation is simple- the harder you are willing to work out, the more important do these muscle-building food components become.

Studies show that weight lifters have to consume approximately 0.25 to 0.30 grams of protein/meal as per their kg body weight. So, for a 175-pound person, the amount of protein intake should be 20-24 ounces of protein/meal. 

And you get that easily from 3-4 eggs, a cup of Greek Yogurt/1 scoop of protein powder.

  • Concentrate On Calorie Surpluses:- If you have a habit of counting calories, with hopes of burning them, then it could be difficult for you. But as any notable personal trainer in Bowen Hills would say-

“The key to building proper muscle mass is, fast; you have to consume MORE CALORIES than you burn each day. The reason being, your body, senses calorie deficit, and when that happens, it downshifts your body’s ability to produce new muscles. 

Think of it this way- if your body knows that it is short on food supply, then beefing up will not be its prime priority.

Ideally- you should look to consume 250-300 calories (every day) and then work equally hard to burn them with proper exercises, targeting specific areas of the body.

Now that you are educated on these aspects to grow muscles fast; consult with your personal trainer to sort out a proper workout regime best suited to your body. 

Author's Bio: 

The author... is a Bowen Hills based personal trainer having a degree in Science and health. Other than being a personal training expert across Bowen hills; the author loves guzzling coffee and writing posts on health benefits, and so on!