Is your telephone ringing off the hook with bill collectors calling from 7 in the morning to 9 at night? Are you so stressed about it you're thinking the unthinkable; bankruptcy. Hold on! There may be a better way for you. It's using a debt consolidation non profit company.

This article will help you get a handle on the possibility of using debt consolidation to avoid bankruptcy.

One of the first steps you are going to have to do is get over feeling ashamed, because you have to have help with your personal finances. It's true you may have had control over what money you spent or saved, but life can throw unexpected curve balls at you. It can be anything from a sudden illness to a downsizing of the company you work for.

If one of these circumstances happened to you and your family, chances are you were caught with your pants down. Like most people you were spending everything you had. You were also buying necessary and unnecessary items on credit cards and small loans.

So now you have to bite the proverbial bullet and get help. Frankly, if you choose the right company or rather organization to help you, it will lower your stress to a manageable level. What you need is a certified and licensed debt consolidation non profit organization.

There are hundreds if not thousands of these non profit companies out there. Many of them will profess to have trained councilors. However, many of the so called councilors are simply out to swindle you with high fees up front. Some of these so called, not for profit companies take your money and don’t pay your creditors. The end results being you have late fees and other penalties, such as increased interest, added to your credit card bills and loans.

These added charges can be the straw that breaks the camels back. Ultimately your only recourse will be to file bankruptcy to get debt relief. But this doesn’t have to happen to you.

You can avid being put in this position by checking out which organization you work with. It is important to try and work with a legitimate company in your local area. You should be able to check your local yellow pages for listings in your city or the surround area.

Once you have found what appears to be a legitimate company, before calling them be sure and check them out. You should be able to call your states attorney to determine if any complaints have been filed. If complaints have been filed have they been resolved or are they still outstanding.

One of the best ways to find the best debt relief help is to contact your local churches. Many of these religious institutions will be more than glad to refer or even arrange to help you. Furthermore, they may have the capability of putting you into a full financial course, which will teach you the right way to avoid debt and manage your money.

Once you get over the guilt of having gotten yourself into your mess, you will be able to move forward and take positive action. Using a debt consolidation non profit organization will make the progress much easier for you. However, you must commit yourself to following the plan made for you.

If not you may end up having to do the unthinkable; bankruptcy.

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