Over 360 million people are actively using Facebook these days. Most of us are using Facebook responsibly to connect with friends, family and as a business publicity tool. However, as trends show, the hackers, spammers and opportunists are following suit. Lucky for us, the folks behind Facebook are protective of us and they work diligently to keep Facebook safe.

Just the same, let's not make identity theft easy for anyone. There are a few simple ways to safeguard our identities while using Facebook. For starters, you can control what people know about you by editing your personal profile. The most obvious information to conceal includes your birthday and your address.

To edit your birthday information, go to your Profile Page. Directly under your picture, you'll see "Edit My Profile." Click that to open your personal information. Under the "Basic Information" tab, you can opt to show your full birthday, only the day and month, or not at all. I choose to show the day and month, so that I show up in people's birthday reminders. I do not show the year, and recommend that you don't either.

You can also edit the information box that appears under your profile picture to include your birthday or not. Just click on the pencil icon to make your changes.

Next, edit your "Contact Information" tab to make yourself as available as you feel safe with. Personally, I think my email address, website and city is enough information.

Go through the rest of the tabs on your profile page to make sure you are happy with the information listed that you're sharing with the world... and don't forget to save your changes!

Let's keep Facebook friendly (and safe)!


Author's Bio: 

Charlene Murphy is the founder of GoodLife Media. She helps entrepreneurs maximize their Internet exposure, increase their client base and make more money.