The Dangers of Reverse Phone Number Lookups
Harassment and bullying is an increasingly large problem across the United States, but how are you supposed to bring crank callers to justice if they are calling from an unfamiliar number? Fortunately, you can execute a Reverse Phone Number Search, in which you will provide the phone number, and receive the general name, address/billing information of the person associated with the account. By obtaining this information you can in effect gain control of your life back. Unfortunately, as with most things, there is a downside to these wonderful reverse searches, the predators. By predators I mean the phony Reverse Phone Number Search companies, lying in wait to trap an unsuspecting customer into their web of gimmicky prices and fake results.

The number of these predator companies is increasing, due to the ease and lucrative nature of the crime. There are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself from being taken advantage of. By being educated about what to look for, you can then apply what you’ve learned in a real world situation.

What to Look Out For

The easiest way to weed out the phony sites, is by simply checking for their address and phone number. If the company does not have this information, or after cold calling the number you find out its fake, chances are this is a scam company. Fake companies will not list their contact information to make it harder for their disappointed customers to reach them.

Also beware of any claims of “Instant” results. Because of the nature of a Reverse Phone Number Lookup it is impossible to have instant results. Any company that claims this should be disregarded, because it is most certainly a scam. Generally you will receive your results in 1-2 business days, and the wait is well worth it. This is because a licensed private investigator will search through their database by hand to find you the information you requested.

These phony companies operate by purchasing outdated phone databases, and then providing the user with false/outdated information. If no information can be retrieved, then the website will just provide you with links to a legitimate Reverse Phone Number Lookup website. Because they technically DID perform a search, and just didn’t return results, they will still charge you for the useless service. These companies prey especially on those customers who are busy and don’t have the time to track down a company attached to a small monthly service charge on their billing statements.

These Reverse Phone Number searches have helped many individuals end the calls and get their lives back. Unfortunately, finding a legitimate Reverse Phone Number Search company can be difficult because of the increasing volume of imposter sites. However, by learning all of the signs of a typical imposter site, you can better defend yourself against being ripped-off.

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Finding a legitimate Reverse Phone Number Search company can be difficult because of the sheer volume of imposter sites. The best defense against these fraudulent sites is to stay one step ahead and keep an eye out for of all the red flags.