Being catfished on the first date after a thrilling online communication is a disheartening feeling. We will offer you some working tips that you can apply to confirm the appearance and the data of the person you plan to meet.

What is catfishing? Imagine a situation, you spend a few hours for makeup and getting a new dress, take a long drive to the dating place. And your partner is not whom you were expected to meet. It is disappointing. Or even worse, the person will never come.
After being catfished several times, you may give up and quit online dating. Give it one more chance. We will tell you how to go on a date armed. It is a collection of useful tips from the best online dating sites.

Do not send money
The main red flag that you are going to be catfished by someone is asking for money to arrange your meeting. A person may explain it as hard to get to the meeting place. Be sure, if the money subject has arisen, this person will disappear immediately.

Instagram account
An Instagram account of a real person will always contain the information, which may distinguish if the profile pictures are not out of date. Being catfished online once make us being inventive. Among different cat and food pictures, there could be some real pictures of your candidate. You can compare the age, hobbies, and see if there are any signs of being catfished. But it is only possible if you have Instagram account access. If a person is hiding it, it is a sign to think about a red flag again.

Profile photos
If you see that profile pictures are closed, or they have different online filters, it is obvious that the person is hiding the real appearance. The reasons may be different, but it is not your problem. To avoid being catfished, choose a person who has nothing to hide.

Video chat
For some people, it may be uncomfortable to video chat with a strange person. But it is the most reliable way to prove that your intentions are serious with any games involved. You need at least 2 minutes to say “hello” and to wave, to identify yourself. Dating being once catfished makes us care about security first. If a person is interested, there would be no offense.

Make an online search
We can find much information about a person just typing the name and the last name in google search. Some being catfished stories begin from the search investigation. You can compare if a person is telling you the truth about the work. Working contacts are the first thing to appear on the search. You would never want to date a person who is pretending to be a lawyer, instead of working the real profession. Never date liars.

Go on a real date
Do not spend too much time texting. You can find out everything about the person while chatting, but all this information does not matter if you are being catfished on the first date. Who cares about the favorite film, if a person who you are texting to, is not who you are supposed to this person be. Do not waste time, go on a real date, if you feel some chemistry. If it a real feeling, it will transform into the more significant one.

Image search
If your candidate has some photos in the profile, you can check them by reverse google search. Download the photos on your gadget, go to google images, and the drag pictures to your browser. You will get all the results of this picture in the internet search. It is also a nice way to distinguish Instagram account and real name. Or you will find out that it is a stock picture. You have to check everything not being catfished again.

Well, if you plan never being catfished again, follow the rules that we have offered. We hope to make your dating life easier and more pleasant. Just take care of your safety.
Maybe you have some personal tips on how to stay safe in the world of online dating? Please share it with our readers!

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