The majority of people use dust sheets to protect their flooring and furniture when decorating their home. Although this can be an effective way of protecting surfaces from dust and paint splashes, the use of sheets whilst decorating can be extremely unsafe and you or your decorator could easily slip and fall causing a serious injury. Low tack protective tapes and films are a safe and effective way of protecting all surfaces.

Polythene protection tapes are coated with a removable low tack adhesive system. These tapes were designed to protect sensitive surfaces such as glass and metals against dirt and damage during storage. They are also perfect for protecting windows, expensive flooring and other sensitive areas whilst redecorating your home. Perhaps you have an important delicate package that you need to distribute.

A low tack protective tape will give you piece of mind that your glass, mirror or ornament is delivered safely with no dirt or damage. Protective tapes are also a good tool for protecting your windows whilst painting your home. One small knock of a paint brush could splash paint all over your window and attempting to remove wall paint from glass is no easy task. Avoid this worry and protect your windows with a specially designed tape available in blue and clear colours.

Your New Tape Will Be a Handy Household Tool Which Can Be Used in Wide Range of Situations:

Protective tape can be used to protect your floors during a party; spilt food and drink, guests with muddy shoes, streamers and party poppers can be a nightmare to clean up. Your handy tape will make the cleaning process much easier, as you can simply peel it off and collect all the party debris in one big ball, knowing you have a sparkly clean floor underneath. Fake tan, hair dye, makeup and nail polish can badly stain your surfaces. Orange marks on a pristine white bathroom sink do not look appealing and can be extremely hard to remove.

Protect your bathroom with clear low tack protective tape. Blue protective tape can be used to safely hide cables and loose wires. Certain coloured tapes also have a glow in the dark feature, making the tape extremely useful during power cuts. There are many online suppliers who specialise in manufacturing and distributing low tack protective tapes. Avoid those typical situations and purchase your handy household protection tape today.

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