Ransomware can infiltrate your system and cause major issues for your organization. Each year, ransomware threats advance into more sophisticated methods that can be extremely damaging if you don’t have protection in place.
In order to best prepare for future threats, it’s important to understand the current status of ransomware. The “Ransomware Survey 2020” surveyed 5,000 IT managers across 26 countries in January and February or 2020. Here are some of the latest ransomware updates you should know based on those findings:
Alarming Statistics
51% of organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year
In 73% of those attacks, the criminals succeed in encrypting the data
26% of ransomware victims whose data was encrypted got their data back by paying the ransom
56% of ransomware victims whose data was encrypted got their data back via backups
One in five organizations has a major hole in their cybersecurity insurance
For organizations that have insurance against ransomware, 94% of the time when the ransom is paid to get the data back, it’s the insurance company that pays.
59% of attacks where the data was encrypted involved data in the public cloud (examples include Google Drive and Dropbox)

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