When my old bakkie cover needed replacing on my truck there was only once place I was going to shop for top quality Tonneau Covers. I’d heard great things about the Bakkie Covers from a company called DRAB Tonneau Covers so naturally I took my business to this highly experienced team and asked them to custom-make a cover for my truck. Obviously I wanted the Tonneau Covers to look stylish, I only buy the best accessories for my pickup. I needn’t have worried, the team at DRAB custom make a range of Tonneau Covers, they’re made-to-measure products that look amazing and manufactured from great looking, hard-wearing materials.

I opted for a cover made from a leather look PVC material which benefitted from the best of both worlds, basically it was stylish and it’ll last for many years.

What’s important when choosing Bakkie Covers?

The look of Tonneau Covers is important if you want a pickup to appear at its best at all times. I hate it when you see open backed trucks, it seems crazy when Tonneau Covers look so wonderful and are so affordable as well. The quality of the materials that Tonneau Covers are made from is another vital factor, you can buy cheap versions but they don’t tend to last very long. As I see it, I’d rather pay a little more for Tonneau Covers that I know will provide me with many years of pleasure and still look really cool on my truck at the same time.

Tonneau Covers need to be easy to fit as well, that’s vital if you use them on a daily basis. Bought from the team at DRAB Tonneau Covers my bakkie cover fitted like a glove and it’s such a practical product to have fitted to my pickup.

Bakkie Covers are brilliant products

I’m a strong advocate of Tonneau Covers as you might have already guessed. My best mate doesn’t quite understand why Tonneau Covers are so useful he’s never had one on any of his pickups. I suppose it boils down to personal preference really but I think Tonneau Covers are brilliant for keeping items safe whilst they travel in the rear of my bakkie. I much prefer the aesthetics of trucks when they are fitted with Tonneau Covers and my fuel consumption figures are much better than my mate’s, even though he drives the same type of vehicle.

I use my bakkie cover whenever I’m out and about in my truck and I made a shrewd decision buying it from the team at DRAB.

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Tonneau Covers from drab.co.za.  We design and manufacture our own tonneau, wheel and bakkie covers for any wheel size. Visit today if you are looking for Bakkie Covers.