Many men are deeply troubled by prostate diseases, such as frequent urination, urgent urination, and weak urination in today's society. Some men avoid medical treatment and do not go to the hospital, while some buy drugs to alleviate their symptoms. No matter which kind it is, they should find out the cause of the disease to prevent and treat it better.

If a minor illness is left untreated and the original living state does not change, the consequences can be imagined and affect men's reproductive system health.

Prostatitis needs treatment after diagnosis. The treatment of prostatitis is mainly oral antibiotics, and sensitive drugs are selected. The course of treatment is 4 ~ 6 weeks. And men should evaluate the curative effect during the acute stages. If the curative effect is not satisfactory, change other sensitive antibiotics. Patients can also choose the natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is especially effective for chronic prostatitis.

Prostatitis is closely related to many living habits. Men should pay attention to getting rid of these living habits. Perhaps the treatment of the disease is better.

These habits seriously hurt the prostate. If you don't get rid of them, the prostate will be miserable!

1. Sedentary

Sedentary not only affects the bone but also hurts the prostate. Especially for men in the office, they often sit for a long time, resulting in the prostate bearing the compression from multiple parts such as the bladder, pubis, and rectum, which is easy to lead to the obstruction of the prostate tube and affect their metabolism. Over time, prostatitis broke out.

Suggestion: even if the work is busy, remember to sit for about 1.5 hours and stand up for about 10 minutes. Men can go to the bathroom and have some water. Or they can change a small cup to avoid sitting too long without getting water, which is very important to protect the prostate.

2. Drinking and smoking

The harm of excessive drinking and smoking to the body is a process of slowly accumulating. Long-term heavy drinking and smoking will lead to swelling and congestion of capillaries in many organs of the body, accelerate blood circulation, produce hypertension, ignore internal organs, and have no doubt about the harm to the prostate.

Suggestion: smoking and drinking can eliminate boredom and contact feelings. But the negative impact will be more significant than all kinds of temptations to you. Health is the capital of a better life. If you give up smoking and alcohol, you can cheer for your self-control.

3. Often hold back urine

Many people unconsciously form the habit of holding urine. When people hold urine, they have the most significant impact on the pressure of the urethra, which leads to chronic prostate contraction, hyperemia, deposition of prostate fluid, increasing the chance of bacterial infection, and then quickly induce prostatitis.

Suggestion: in any case, do not hold your urine. Think about it: the value created by the time saved by holding urine is far lower than the harm caused by disease. So the answer comes out.

Some drivers are inconvenient to go to the toilet. They say that their professional characteristics make them have to hold their urine often. We understand the hard-working drivers, but they can try not to hold their urine as long as they find ways to overcome it.

4. Improper sexual life

Improper life of husband and wife includes multiple meanings, including that the life frequency of husband and wife is too low, resulting in poor excretion of male prostate fluid, causing a tremendous burden on male prostate and easy to cause prostate stones. It also includes that both sides ignore health problems in sexual life, resulting in upward bacteria, leading to urinary tract system and prostatitis.

Suggestion: A harmonious sexual life can make the relationship between husband and wife sweet and conducive to husband and wife's physical and mental health. But it's better to pay attention to each other's health problems.

5. Overeating spicy food

Spicy food stimulates taste buds and appetite. However, the prostate is a more sensitive organ of the body. Excessive consumption of spicy and stimulating foods, such as pepper, hemp pepper, green onion, garlic, and other seasoned foods, is also more likely to cure prostate diseases long-term.

Suggestion: these spicy and irritating foods will not have a great impact on your health if you eat them occasionally. However, regular consumption is very harmful to the body. It damages the prostate and easily damages the intestines and stomach, resulting in increased blood pressure.

Prostatitis has a specific relationship with daily life. To stay away from the trouble of prostatitis, men must overcome the bad habits introduced above.

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