Fashion and beauty trends have changed the mindset of people. Long lashes have always been a part of fashion and beauty trends. But back then, people have limited options, and they could not afford it artificially like now.

Having natural long lashes is no doubt a blessing, but now for the love of lashes, eyelash extensions have been introduced. They are like a blessing in disguise for people with short lashes.

To become a part of new beauty trends, people are using eyelash extensions. The natural lashes are usually not that long, and it is rare to found someone with long curly lashes. But for the love of curly, long eyelash extensions have been introduced in the market.

If you wish to wake up with long, curly, and dreamy lashes without applying tons of mascara, you live this dream in real life. For this purpose, you can use feathery, curly eyelash extensions.

They are synthetic hair fibers that enhance your beauty. They are a semi-permanent option for long lashes, and you can use them instead of globing your lashes with layers of mascara. When you use apply too much mascara on your natural lashes, they start falling and breaking.

To avoid it, you can use eyelash extensions as an option for long and beautiful lashes. They are a better option rather than fake lashes. Because, you can use them for weeks whereas, the fake lashes fall and break easily.

After getting them glued individually, you can use them for weeks. You can also set them with lash tweezers to avoid sticking and clogging with your natural lashes.

It is okay to look beautiful and become a part of new beauty trends nut in this race, you should never neglect your health. Eyelash extensions are no doubt a safe option, but they still have some pros and cons that you should consider while using them.

In this article, we will discuss some of them. So, you make sure to read it till the end.

Pros of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a safe option for long lashes, and some of their benefits are

• Eliminate the use of mascara

Every girl has a crush on long lashes, and to get them, they run here and there. Some try to grow their natural lashes long, while others apply layers of mascara to make their lashes look big and long. But do you think it is safe to use too much mascara?

Well, it is definitely not okay. When you use mascara more than a limit, especially on an everyday basis, it can affect the growth of your lashes. It also weakens them, and they get more prone to breakage and fall. And you can definitely not afford it.

To eliminate the use of mascara, you can use eyelash extensions. They can serve the purpose of long and beautiful lashes for a week.

• Help you in getting rid of fake lash

Fake lashes give you an unnatural look, and they can easily fall off. They are heavy, and they add pressure to your eyes. You cannot afford to wear them for weeks because they are not durable.

They only add bulk to your lashes that look unnatural when observed. But eyelash extensions are not like fake lashes. They look like natural hair follicles and are also comfortable in use.
You can replace the fake lashes with eyelash extensions to get a more natural look with fewer potential risks.

Cons of using eyelash extensions

Lash extensions are no doubt a good option when it comes to curly, long lashes. But along with pros, they also come up with cons and risks, and you cannot ignore them in any case.
Some of them are

• Highly expensive

Getting an eyelash extension is not an easy job. It consumes both your money and time. As you cannot set them alone, you need someone professional for it.

Hiring a professional or getting an appointment with a dermatologist is a costly process. They take a lot of fee for it. After getting it glued by a dermatologist, it is your turn to take care of it.

You have to buy sanitary products for it to keep them clean and fresh. And for this purpose, you also have to visit your dermatologist often and on to keep a check on them.

While on the other hand, you do not have to visit a dermatologist for fixing fake lashes or mascara. Therefore, it is an expensive option from others.

• Need a lot of maintenance

Using eyelash extensions demands a lot of care and maintenance at the end of the user. You can not apply oil-based cleaners or mascara over them. Because when you remove the mascara, they will snag and fall off permanently.

While washing your face, you have to take care that water does not fall directly on them. It is because when waterfalls directly, the chances of fall increase. Along with this, there are many other things that you have to consider while using eyelash extensions.

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