Mumbai is a city of dreams for millions of people from India and abroad. Many Indians go to Mumbai to earn a decent living, travel for a few days, and find scope for their future. But Mumbai is not a city that everyone likes; there are haters of this city as well. If you are from any other metropolitan, you may not like Mumbai for its crowded roads and many other things. However, you may like the city for many other reasons at the same time. Let us explore why people are on the extreme ends concerning this grand metropolitan.

Pros of Traveling to Mumbai

Affordable for everyone

Mumbai, being a metropolitan, offers a life for everyone, whether they are poor or rich. If you have only 100 INR to spend in a day, you can find cheap food and affordable transportation. The funny thing is that the after eating fine dinners at expensive 5-star hotels, people come to have ice-cream from the roadside stalls.

Affordable and luxury transportation

If you have plenty money to spend that you cannot even count, you can hire Car Rentals in Mumbai or book a cab for wherever you want to go, and eat at the fanciest restaurants of the world at just one place. You just name a place in the city or in the world, you will find many ways of transportation to reach there.


The options for entertainment are unlimited in Mumbai. You can go to the pubs, beaches, theaters, amusement parks, art festivals, and cultural activities. If you do not like the humdrum or frenzied routine of Mumbai, you can go for a peaceful vacation to the neighboring hill stations situated within 60-70 kilometers from the heart of the city.

Cons of traveling to Mumbai

The traffic jam

Despite having an efficient public transportation system in the city, millions of people prefer using their own cars and bikes to go to places, which causes immense traffic jam on the roads. You have to take a margin of an hour to reach a place that is reachable well within 15 minutes.

The rains

The Mumbai-kars consider rains as a blessing for most part of the year, but if it rains cats and dogs for several days, you will often feel irritated because the roads get flooded in just a while.

The expenses

If you are fond of spending on luxuries and minor facilities while traveling, you would have to spend a lot of money. If you are a resident of Mumbai, you will often find yourself broke if you don’t plan your budget well. Even though you will never sleep on an empty stomach, it still requires to be a smart spender here in the city of dreams.

Even though Mumbai is a challenging city to survive, but it will never bore you. It is interesting how you will always find yourself full of energy, vigor, and passion to live. Not even a single day is there in Mumbai when you can say to yourself that you are tired. You always want to live more and enjoy more here in this city beautiful.

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