Sitecore and Sharepoint are two of the best software that can be used by almost all enterprises in the world. One is a great solution for content management and the other is one of the best file management systems that enterprises can use. They have their own specialties and that is why they are one of the best solutions for developing intranet applications for enterprises.


Microsoft technology associate and Sitecore developers have made it possible to improve productivity and also the rate at which they grow. They can provide features that can make most of the tasks easy for enterprises. This article will show the pros and cons of both of these solutions that enterprises need to know.

Sharepoint development services have been working for intranet application development and have provided enterprises with great solutions that are safe too. One of the biggest risks that enterprises face when they hire a development company to create file management software is that of the security of files.

Sitecore: Description, Pros, and Cons

Sitecore is a CMS i.e., content management system. This is one of the best tools that can allow enterprises to improve their content marketing and managing activities. There are a lot of benefits to this software for all types of enterprises. This is one of the tools that provide great content creation as well as modification features. Users can also use features to personalize and schedule content. This tool also provides great data collection as well as analysis features that help marketers to make better plans and design better marketing campaigns.

These things help enterprises to build trust with the customers as well. There are features that help the enterprises to create content at a great speed so that they can post them regularly and increase their online reach. Below are the pros and cons of this content management solution that has made a great reputation for itself in the market. All digital marketing and content creation agencies need to opt for software development tools offered by them.


● Better personalization features by analyzing customers and their behavior

● Better targetted content for maximum impact

● Solutions to increase the conversion of people from prospects to customers of the brand

● Improves trust among the customers

● Enterprises can make great changes to their websites with the help of software developed by Sitecore development services.

● Provides better digital content creation features based on trends and keywords

● Other digital marketing tools can be integrated with intranet applications and made better


● There are a lot of features and not all of them are usable for all the enterprises

● Companies need very experienced and skilled Sitecore developers

● It is a bit complex to embed the features of Sitecore in other app development projects

● Sitecore development service is a bit expensive and hence all companies cannot afford it

SharePoint: Description, Pros, and Cons

SharePoint has played a prominent intranet role in knowledge worker intranets such as the main intranet portal, delivering associated collaboration sites, or delivering document repository. There are a lot of reasons why users are upgrading to SharePoint app development because this latest iteration of Microsoft’s web development platform helps in representing massive improvements in social computing, mobile computing, office integration as well as cloud integration. It is a solution that is suitable for almost every organization.


● Features a parity cloud version for seamless access of files

● Advanced mobile access experience for smartphones

● Increased social networking experience. Now a huge presence of SharePoint is seen on various social media platforms. This facility was not available in previous versions, it only became available from the SharePoint 2013 version.

● Employs the ‘ribbon’ from Microsoft Office used for enhancing publishing and management interface


● It becomes difficult to customize the homepage even if it's easy to implement custom designs. It becomes a huge drawback for branding purposes.

● There are some aspects of SharePoint that are deprived of the main intranet

● Searching is not satisfactorily optimized. It requires configuration work and a huge effort from the users’ side.

● The content management policies are mandatory and it is a tedious task to abide by them.


Both the software have their own pros and cons and it is on the companies whether they want to choose them or not. These are really helpful and with all the cons that enterprises have to deal with they can still turn out to be of great help for their growth and productivity. They can improve the quality as well as the speed of work of employees. Many things can be streamlined or automated that can make things easy for marketing and file-handling departments of companies. Intranet application demands tools that can increase personalization, customization, and security, and all of these are possible when they use one of these.

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