You will notice that menus and navigation are shrinking for a while because something is happening in your website design. Minimal navigation elements and style are gaining too much popularity along with the hamburger menu icon. Hamburger is the menu icon that helps you to design a website that looks and feels very simple. You will find most of the website developers in Dubai make use of Hamburger design. The minimalist design approach is the latest trend in website design that is followed by most designers. The minimalist design approach makes the user interface with your website at ease.

So in this blog, we will discuss the main pros and cons of minimal navigation in website design. At the end of this blog, you will get a clear idea that why you should always go with minimal navigation. So let’s start!

What is Minimal Navigation in Design?
First, let us discuss what is minimal web design? It means a minimal navigation design tries to take away the unnecessary elements of a website and focuses only on the vital aspects. For instance, tabs, menus, and content that are unnecessary are removed while the most necessary elements are retained and highlighted. The point is to take as much clutter away as possible: no tabs or pop-ups or dropdown menus.

Minimal navigation on a website means that the navigation is kept to a minimum. Users of the website should not have to do a lot of searching, browsing, or even clicking to get the information they want. Because it results in a positive user experience; minimal navigation websites have become a trend in web design in Dubai, and indeed, around the world.

Some advantages of minimal navigation web design
There are many reasons which make this design a hot favourite amongst website owners. We’ve listed some of the advantages of this trend below:

It is super easy
Users are always on the go; they need information quickly and easily. This is where having minimal navigation helps a lot. It helps them find the information they’re looking for in a very less amount of time and with minimal effort. Websites that are hard to navigate and full of unnecessary information bore the users and hence lose them too. A minimal navigation design helps users engage with your website for longer.

Small navigation elements have become the rule
Small navigation elements become essential for mobile devices. Most of the customers use mobile phones thus the mobile website should consist of minimal menu items that will be shrunk in hamburger style icon. Navigation is a very essential and common element on small devices. It raises the question of whether this icon will fit another desktop screen or not.

Focus on some other entry points
Minimal navigation will give you a chance to focus on some other design factors such as a call to action button, card elements or button elements that will make users read content from one to another or a scheme that will drive users from one page to another page. While considering the plan if you start designing your website so it can help you to rebuild conversion or keep the focus on another factor to make the interaction between users and website. A user doesn’t have to take rounds through the entire website to find out where to take help from. The minimal navigation design helps users to clearly spot call-to-action options and take actions. Thus a minimal navigation plan can benefit you to achieve your goal.

Some disadvantages of minimal navigation web design
A minimal navigation design approach will not work for every type of business website. Selecting a minimal navigation style depends on the content and the individual preferences. Some reasons to not consider minimal navigation are mentioned below:

Some user will find this design so simple
New generation people do not love the simple website they look for animated design and structure. So it is important to check your audiences and whether they prefer simple or animated design structures. Thus sometimes, the minimal design style can lower your users. To keep track of whether navigation elements are helpful or not you must check the analytics that how many customers are using such elements to navigate plus check whether they are using those elements.

Users might need a map
Users, especially those unfamiliar with icons, might get lost. You might want to study your website’s analytics to remedy this issue and plan your design elements and icons accordingly.

Your content can get buried
Although having minimal navigation web design can give ease to users in finding information, it can hide some of the content. It could lead to users not being able to reach some information they might be trying to find. An expert website design company in Dubai will be able to smartly incorporate all info simply and easily.

Lost in busy designs
Your website can look ineffective because of the absence of a new design. It would be good if you have used a minimal design approach and your website is getting crawled by Google and other search engines, else you might face so many challenges. For this, your menu bar should be sticky along with the dark or white box. It does not matter whether your menu bar has a small number of choices, it is important to just add and make it clickable.

Summing Up
Successful website design not only helps the website grow but also makes the users come back to it again and again. For an eCommerce website in Dubai, it is important to have a list of menus with inner pages. Minimal navigation trends may have taken all over the net, but it comes with its fair share of ups and downs. You can be smart and still enjoy the minimal navigation design with some tweaks here and there! For any inquiry, contact us now at +971 52 708 1010 for a quote or email us at

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