Soda water is a wonderful refreshing drink. You can buy it in the beverage market, or make it at home comfortably. Drinks such as DRY watermelon bubbly is very delicious. But is consuming soda water healthy?

Soda water is primarily water with “added” nutrients. If you are consuming sodas you should do consume more water than you usually will because sodas will reduce you water levels because that is just what soda will.

Soda water is characterized by a fine, slightly sour taste. The tap water is partially carbonated by the addition of carbon dioxide CO2. The tingling and the PH value ensure a unique feeling in the mouth and a clear refreshing effect. Soda water is not just a soft drink. Is soda water healthy? Let’s dig deeper and hopefully get a “clear” answer on the topic.

Lower cholesterol
A study by the Journal of Nutrition shows that soda water can lower cholesterol levels. The study found that cholesterol levels could be lowered when consuming sodium rich soda water. This is a wonderful news for people in the fitness communities that is pro soda. But in my opinion you should aim to reduce cholesterol by altering your overall fitness and nutrition plan instead of relying on soda consumption, because that won’t end well for you (True story).

Improve Indigestion
Soda water can help with indigestion, according to a study published by the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. In a double-blind study with 21 subjects, the positive effects of soda water were demonstrated. Constipation, emptying of the gallbladder and general indigestion were measurably improved compared to those who does not consume sodas.

Bad Effects of Sodas
Rumor has it that consuming carbonated drinks will leads to reduced bone density. A problem that especially older women have. In an interview at CCN, Dr. Melina Jampolis the question of a spectator. There is no known study that suggests a link between bone density and soda water. So we should not be worried about it at least for now.

Sodas also are very addictive in nature so if you are currently consuming sodas you need to make sure that you are consuming it in moderation. Some people refer to soda addiction to be as bad as smoking.

In some parts of the world sodas are very expensive, if you are living in that part of the world then consuming sodas daily might put a dent in your wallet sooner or later. Make sure to budget if you are looking to add more sodas into your life.

Sodas will also mess up your teeth if you go overboard with it. Soda has a tendency to make the protective barriers on the teeth weaker and that is bad news if you are looking to keep your smile flawless.

Same with everything in life, you should consume soda in moderation and never be excessive. If you want to take an extra step, you should only buy soda-based products from reputable soda company so you can be sure of the product quality. Avoid cheap sodas that contains a lot of sugar and chemicals. Hopefully you can consume soda more guilt-free after reading this!

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John Ananto is a full-time software developer and brazilian jiu jitsu fan