Investing can be a game of chance for those who aren’t already well-versed in market statistics or are having their first go in serious investing. One investment market that is constantly going through seasons of change, but remains as one of the best methods of investing is property.

Property investment isn’t as traditional as an investment as it used to be. Not only are there multiple types of properties to invest in, making it ideal for first-time investors and seasoned professionals, but there are more innovative ways in which to raise capital, and invest in the short term and long-term.

Coordinating an investment to the investor’s needs and goals is becoming easier than ever with advanced technology and innovative investment techniques. With options in the buy to let sector, student accommodation investing, hotel investing, and private property, it’s become more and more possible for first-time investors to make a living off their property investments alone.

One aspect of the property investment market that should be the first step towards a potential investment is the location. With the property market ever-changing, the location of a property can drastically affect the return on investment and the long term goals of the investor. In the UK, some regions bring more lucrative options to their property markets and have the potential for stability in the long-term.

As the property market in the UK changes because of a wealth of factors, there are still ways to invest in property with a slim chance of failing. Before beginning the long journey of planning a successful property investment, a suitable location must be chosen. Some of the best hotspots for property investments in the UK are as follows.


Knowing anything at all about UK real estate means that Manchester’s market is currently the best in the country. Surpassing even London as the best place to invest, Manchester has seen an exponential rise in the value of property in the city, as well as an influx of potential investors young and old. Manchester’s popularity in the market simply can’t be beaten.

It isn’t just Manchester’s centre that is thriving though. Like London before it, the outskirts of Manchester are also benefitting from the city’s boom in culture and investment. If the centre of Manchester seems too competitive an investment, or too expensive, then the surrounding areas could also be a realistic option to invest in.


For more Northern regions in the UK that will benefit from not only Manchester’s successes spreading towards them, but their own as well, Liverpool comes into the lead as one of the best Northern regions to invest in.

With renovations underway for the long-hyped Liverpool Waters project finally coming to fruition this year, as well as other reconstructive projects, Liverpool is set to transform their market and property value enormously. In fact, there are even existing property meetups for potential investors in the city to plan their best mode of action.


Though Leeds seems to have had a difficult time recovering from the market crash in 2008, in actuality, the city is prepped for soaring market values this year. It did take a bit of time for the property surplus to die down after a mass of construction in 2006-2007, now with more property interest in the city, it’s set to have one of the best market renaissances next to Manchester.

Most of this overhaul is due to an increase in population. In fact, the population of Leeds has increased at a higher rate than even London in the last 10 years. And like Liverpool, Leeds is set to have massive reconstruction at its South Bank, which will bring even more value to the city.


Sheffield is a bit more low-key city set to up its value in the next few years. Most of this is due to the low prices of property there in general. With properties set astounding low, even in the city centre, Sheffield is a place where many investors looking to make money off a city that has yet to truly flourish can stay ahead of the market.

For the most part, researchers bet that Sheffield is the best place for the buy to let market, and not outright buying or investing. Because it’s so early in the city’s investment future, it isn’t as easy to tell what will happen to Sheffield’s market as the year's pass.

But with not one but two luxury hotels being built in the city, as well as the opening of a new branch of the HSBC, Sheffield will have several advantageous reasons for investors to set their sights and their capital on this city.


Nottingham, like Sheffield, is also a diamond in the rough of cities that will secure excellent property investment. Nottingham, being quite centrally located, is perfect for those who want to invest in multiple properties in the UK that may be in different regions. Nottingham’s prices are also seriously low for what they are bringing to the investment table.

The employment rate is very high, there is a wealth of leisure activities and opportunities, the city has two universities (ideal for student accommodation investing), many industries and employers represented, a vast tram network, and a city centre that is about as exciting as Manchester’s.


In the last year alone, the housing prices in Birmingham have risen higher and faster than in any other region in the UK. Birmingham is set to be as lucrative an investment as Manchester, with more construction projects in the works, as well as standing positives like a steadily growing population and being the home base for a little over 30,000 businesses.

Even more, positives making Birmingham a great location for property investments are the millions of pounds that have already gone into the city’s development. Within the last few years, Birmingham is now home to a revamped New Street Station, a reconstructed The Mailbox, and a Grand Central Shopping Centre. Look towards Birmingham for all types of property investment opportunities.

Author's Bio: 

Alasdair Walker is the lead content and marketing director at Thirlmere Deacon Property Investment in London. An Off-property investment specialist.