The best affiliate marketing program should allow affiliates maximum income, through transparent tracking procedures of what has been sold through their affiliate links. The program should also allow easy and fast payments for sales made under the agreed terms. Affiliate marketing (AM) happens to be one of the newest and somewhat popular Internet marketing strategies for marketers today. The choice of a rewarding affiliate program, hence, should depend on the product being promoted, the merchant and the network.

Parties to affiliate marketing

In order to understand what makes a program best, or otherwise, in affiliate marketing, it is paramount to understand the parties involved as a successful relationship leads to more income for all concerned. Major parties include merchant, affiliate, network and client. The merchant refers to the owner, brand or retailer of the product while the network refers to the platforms through which advertisements and links between the merchant, affiliate and buyer happen. This network, also, provides the necessary tracking features, cookies, etc that verifies the use of the affiliate link(s) and or purchase so that affiliate’s payment can be identified and paid. An affiliate/ publisher refers to the person who sells the merchant’s product(s), to buyer(s), through a link provided by the merchant.

Characteristics of the best programs


Features are the platform through which the merchant and the affiliate interact. The features provide a variety of relevant advertisement platforms through which the relevant adverts get launched and gain traffic. Additionally affiliate links and links to ads, not to mention ways of tracking those links, get managed through features. The features should also include those that allow accurate and comprehensive reporting and effectiveness of the links and the income earned.

Easy navigation

Regardless of the task at hand, or the purpose of the program, ease of use always counts as an advantage. Affiliates constantly need information on the product, terms of service, commission and their progress among other things. It is in this regard that any affiliate marketing program worth its salt, must ensure an interface that has tabs, links and other tools that enable users to get as much information as they wish.

Customer support

No matter how many features and or tools a programme has, which make it easy for affiliates to navigate, customer support is very important. The network/ service provider must provide customer support to clients in the form of emails, telephone numbers and other contacts. This serves to solve any unforeseen issues that clients might face.


To most people, the use of the best affiliate marketing program translates to much income for them. Such a program must allow affiliates to search the products they desire to promote including commission for each sale through provided affiliate link. Additionally, the program must be easy to navigate, provide real and on-time reports on how much commission a person has made from what sales, and provide assistance on any issue, through the customer care. That said the aim of indulging in affiliate marketing, to make money, should not be forgotten and must be achieved; otherwise, all the other features do not make sense.

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