A lot of people around the globe love to eat fish. Among the favorites of many are tuna and salmon. We can cook fish in many ways and one of them is by grilling. Since fish is generally delicious and nutritious, we can be sure that our body will grow healthy and not sickly. Fish coupled with veggies is surely a great balanced meal for you. You can also serve grilled fish on special occasions to make the celebration more special or on weekends, you can bond to together with family and friends on a barbeque party.
In grilling fish, there are several things that you should consider to make grilling a success. First, you have to choose the right fish because not all fishes are best for grilling. Some fishes like walleye can dry easily. You can still grill fishes similar to walleye but make sure you add oil on the surface or onto the fish so the fish will not stick on the grate. You can also cut them in thick cuts so the fish won’t break up easily when grilled.
Trout and salmon are examples of fishes that can be cooked best by grilling. These fishes are oily thus they can stay moist even when direct heat is applied. Rule of the thumb is a fish should be cooked 8-10 mins./ inch of thickness and since fishes come in different form like fillet, steak and whole fish then whole fishes are cooked longer than the other two.
If you really want to grill a particular fish that easily dries up or is lean, then you can place the fish in an aluminum foil or in a grilling basket.
Marinating the fish before cooking is a nice way to add flavor to your dish. You can let it stand on marinated sauce for several hours so the flavor will penetrate onto the fish. Before grilling, make sure the grill or grate is clean. Use a steel brush to clean the grate and remove all dirt. Then, during the grilling, add oil from time to time to retain moisture and prevent the fish from drying.
To add flavor to whole fishes, add lemon inside the fish before you grill it. This will give more delightful taste to the fish and make it juicier.
Sometimes, it is difficult especially for a beginner to know whether the fish is already cooked or not. If the fish already appears opaque and start to break in using a fork, then it is now ready to be served. Turn the side of the fish when you noticed it is already flaky then let it stay in the heat for two minutes before serving.
Grilled fish should not be undercooked or overcooked. Overcooked grilled dishes are dangerous to the health because of the carcinogens burnt food can contain. Undercooked fish is also not good for the healthy because it can result to an upset stomach or even food poisoning.
Grilling fish can be a success if you follow the tips given. You can include grilled fish and other salmon recipes in your menu for special occasions like birthday or on weekends when you are having a picnic with family and friends. It will surely be a delightful experience.

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