Contest giveaways is a wonderful promotional scheme to raise the visibility of your business and get noticed by the target audience.
When companies hold promotional contests, they give away items and prizes to the participants. Most of these items are generally distributed free of charge. They are provided to individuals or groups who win the particular contest or are selected through a lucky draw. Contest giveaways are used for a wide variety of purposes such as generating publicity for business, building the customer mailing lists, entertaining party guests and conducting market research. In this article, we will discuss about some interesting ideas for contest giveaways.

Giveaway Fast Food: This is an interesting idea and everyone loves it. You can join hands with a fast food joint or restaurant to offer free fast food to the contest winner. The restaurants also find this a lucrative opportunity to promote their products and services. So, this becomes quite a win-win situation. Alternatively, you can also purchase a gift certificate/ coupons from a popular restaurant and gift it to the winner. If your company deals in food and grocery items, then you can consider awarding gift cards as giveaways.

Annual/ monthly magazine subscriptions: You can offer annual subscriptions to popular magazines if the budget for the contest giveaways is low. There are several print publications which provide subscription opportunities, 50% less than their actual cover price. Those content giveaways sponsors who have a flexible budget can provide subscriptions to the trade magazines or premium print publications.

Bill payment on behalf of customers: Many times working adults experiencing financial troubles can actually profit a lot from the bill payment giveaway scheme. You may offer to pay a definite bill for the winner of the contest. However, be careful to establish a list of restrictions, while providing such type of giveaways to stay safe from any future legal battles. The restrictions may also include a cut-off amount for the bills. You can also set up a limit on the type of bill amounts to be paid.

Promotional movie tickets: You can offer the concert tickets for famous musician shows or some latest movie tickets. The concert tickets always make for good giveaways and they can be used to reward the adults as well as teenagers.

House or Kitchen Items: You can giveaway the household items to the participants who win the giveaway contests. Some of the interesting ideas of contest giveaways include cooking accessories, decorative items for home, home improvement tools and appliances such as micro ovens, toaster, iron, stove grills etc. While these items are valuable and useful, they are also not too pricey.

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