When you are promoting your business opportunity
with the right mindset and method, you never have to
worry about being rejected by your prospects. The first
thing you must understand is a prospect or a lead
is a person who saw what you have to offer and the
will want to hear from you. With that being said
being yourself will attract the right person for your
business; people who you will like and want to work with.

Here are Some Things You can do now and you will see for yourself
the increase the number of people who want to join you in your business.

A prospect will always ask themselves,
"How will this help me". Your goal is to
turn that question into "How will this person help me."
Supply and Demand is the oldest rule in the business world,
but is often overlooked in the home business area.

When writing your e-mails, craft them in a way
that when your prospect reads it they feel as if you are talking to
them. When your prospect sees a new e-mail from you they should
say what does "Your Name" have to tell me today.

Do not be afraid to show you suck sometimes too.
The more you show your human side the more your prospect will
feel connected to you. Nobody is perfect and their is not
a reason to hide your failures, because the more failures you have
the more chances you to to learn and grow. The more you grow
the more you will be able to help your prospect, because now
you are wise enough to know what does not work and you will be able
to keep your prospect from doing the same.

Give Your list what they want and you will get what you want.
Your Domain is your real estate and your Capture page
is a store that sells the opportunity to live a better life.
When a lead fills out your capture page, that is the same
thing as them walking into your store. Now since they
have effectively walked into your store show them
the the benefits of having your vehicle (your business opportunity), then show
them how they can use your vehicle to achieve their desired benefit.
When you do this people join you because they want to, and they
will appreciate the opportunity more and work harder.

Although it is overused the saying is still true,"People Join People".

Author's Bio: 

Justin Hammonds is an Internet Marketer who caters to you by working closely with you to grow your business online using effective, creative, & effecient strategies.