Marketing and promotion is essential for the success of all companies, no matter how big or small. Among the various promotional strategies that help to promote products and services, free giveaways is very effective. These giveaways are used as a part of sales promotion to boost the sales of the company. The gifts are actually a visible reminder of your company's products and services.

No matter what your company deals with, you can always use the free giveaways to enhance the company's visibility, reward the present customers and get more potential clients. In this article, we will discuss about some interesting and free giveaways for promotional purposes.

Link with charity: Customers like it when they buy something and a part of the profit goes to charity. It also gives your company a good name. You can also offer to donate something based on the products that your customer purchases. For, example if the customer buys clothing, then offers to donate some clothes to the poor. Your sales will increase when you tie yourself to a worthy cause.

Buy one and get one for free: This promotional scheme is very popular to boost the sales of the low to mid range products. Such type of promotional giveaways with products leads to increased customer traffic and sales of the promotional item as well as the non-sales product in the store.

Go Green: In this era when everyone's talking about global warming, it is a good and welcoming sign to go green. Your customers will highly appreciate this approach. You can start by promoting the earth-friendly products by giving away reusable shopping totes, which feature your company logo.

Giveaway complementary items: Customers always appreciate the complimentary items that are useful. You can provide free items that compliment a customer's purchase of services or goods. If you deal with spa and hair stylish services then giveaway a styling product that you have used. This may lead to future sale of additional products.

Local-based giveaways: You can tie your store or company to the local community for acceptance and popularity. For example, give away tickets to the local event show or festivals. Apart from helping to promote the local event, you will be viewed as an active participant of the community.

Seasonal giveaways: You can offer the seasonal giveaway items that keep your company fresh. In the summer time, you can give away beach balls with your company logo. At the time of Christmas, you can give away tree ornaments or other seasonal decorations.

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