I am completely handicapped when it comes to do it yourself projects. I can bake a cake and baby-sit five kids, but when it comes to projects? I am lost. I once bought a desk from Ikea that wasn’t preassembled, and I had to call a neighbor over just to finish it. Had he not come over to help me I probably would have returned the desk by now. That or it would still be sitting there half complete in a closet. I wish there were videos for those things! That same neighbor keeps getting on me to build an at home solar energy kit. Apparently there are videos for that and full guides available on the topic. He thinks it would help me overcome my “fear of projects”. The thing is, he is a Science major and is constantly coming up with challenges like this for me. This has actually been the most intriguing of the assignments he tries to sway me to take part in. He ranters on about the benefits of going solar and I am quite turned on by the whole idea. I’ve always been a fan of the organic lifestyle, but never thought to take it to that level. For example, after the whole ordeal of turning solar, my entire energy bill will be nearly eliminated. With our economy in the condition it’s in, that’s the news I like to hear! I have yet to watch a video and do the research, but if he is willing to do the whole thing with me…then count me in! Solar power here I come!



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