A well defined and properly controlled approach suggested towards the successful completion of an assignment is defined as project management solution. The project is defined as an assignment carried out only once, without any repetition to successfully achieve the objectives of an assignment. It is generally a team effort, which includes the contribution of different team members together.

The running of a project can be considered as a high level activity, which includes a lot of smaller activities to be performed well. These often include creating and formulating a plan as per the defined goals. There is also a need to understand the tasks to be performed to achieve those goals.

These plans ensure an effective resource allocation as well. It makes sure that proper number of resources is allocated to tasks for a proper duration. The most crucial step it the proper execution and implementation of the plan and to make sure that all the defined process parameters stay within the limit.

The definition, feasibility analysis, planning, evaluation and support are some of the major activities, which have to be performed in order to complete the project successfully. One of the most important tasks is to ensure that the goals are achieved without violating any of the constraints implied on the objectives.

The most important constraints on a project are those related to the time, scope and the cost of the task. These are the most vital parameters associated with an assignment and each of the tasks should be controlled through the complete life cycle of the assignment.

The tools are a compilation of various applications that help the senior management in cost optimization, resource allocation and other such tasks. They help the managers to monitor and control the various performance parameters effectively and to keep a track of the progress of the task on a regular basis.

The most famous use of the application is for scheduling of the tasks. The user can map a series of functions and events which the entire team as to carry out effectively, in order to confirm a successful completion of the assignment. Depending on the software being used, the schedule complexity may vary.

Events which are dependent on each other for completion can be identified and can be aligned properly in the entire schedule. It also helps in resource management letting the user assign resources to each task. The time line for the duration can also be defined with the help of these tools.

A very important use of these applications is in the form of an information management system. They can hold all the relevant information related to a project. They can prepare the desired reports and the team can communicate with the all the members at one time.

These tools can be used in a variety of ways, as they provide a flexibility of access. Some registered products can be bought from the market and can be installed on the organizations systems and used thereafter. There are a variety of web sites, which provide online access to these tools, without having to load an application on the hard disk.

Depending on the size of the organization, difficulty level and the number of people involved, the access type for a tool used can differ. The other access methods available that help in providing project management solution are single user, collaborative or personal access.

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