Both PMP (Project management professional) & PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled environment) are highly reputed in the project management field & gives you knowledge on understanding the project management concept & apply them throughout the project lifecycle. Both certifications have equal values, however you have to look in to other influencing factors to when picking the certification. If you are looking to take a decision on which certification is better, it is not that easy.

PRINCE2 is managed by APMG & is based on process which drive the project management. PRINCE2 is a methodology with a detailed process model & templates. PRINCE2 tells the step by step information on how to run a project & more practical. PRINCE2 focuses on the business benefits from projects in different phases to asses whether the project is giving value to organization & customer. The roles & responsibilities of each member of team is well defined. PRINCE2 have Process, principles, themes & deliverables.

PMP is one of highly regarded project management certification offered by PMI ( Project management institute). PMP is is a standard & not a methodology which is applicable or can be applied in all industries like construction, IT, government etc. PMP is based on understanding the knowledge as per PMBOK. PMP covered project process groups, knowledge areas & processes.

The project integration management processes are :Develop project charterDevelop project management planDirect and manage project workManage project knowledgeMonitor and control project workPerform integrated change controlClose project or phaseThere are 7 project integration management processes and each of these processes contributes to overall project integration management and project success.A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to produce a unique product or service.

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools & technique to the project activities to meet the project requirement. Project management enables the organization to execute the projects effectively & efficiently.

Project Management Process Groups:The Processes are grouped together in to five process groups. The Logical grouping of project management processes to achieve specific project objectives are called Project Management Process Groups. Below are the five process groups:

Initiating Process group: The processes part of initiating process group are performed at the time of new project or new phase of existing project.Planning Process group: The processes part of planning process groups helps in defining the plan for the project like defining scope, planning for schedule, cost, procurement, communications etc. This helps in defining the course for the project to achieve its objectives.Executing Process group: The processes in executing process group is performed to complete the defined work as per plan to satisfy the project stakeholders.Monitoring & Controlling Process group: As part of monitoring & controlling process group, the performance of project is tracked, monitored, reviewed & controlled. The variation from plan is derived & identify what changes are required to bring back the project on track.Closing Process group: The processes part of closing process group are done at the time of closing the project to close the project formally.

Reference: PMP vs Prince2 and PMP Certification

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