Do you have a smartphone? As the global number of these devices exceeded 3.5 billion in 2020 with the forecast for the next year to reach 3.8, this is probably a rhetoric question. Gadgets of different kinds have become an inalienable part of everybody’s routine determining to a large extent our habits, views, and social mores. We like to have all our life encapsulated inside this magical box. Contacts, work, shopping, entertainment, travel – it seems that no aspect of the life of a modern human is left outside the ken of their smartphone.

Savvy entrepreneurs have quickly realized possible prospects of large-scale “gadgetization” and turned the smartphone into a marketing tool. A whole world of e-commerce has stopped being exclusively a desktop venture and expanded its sway over mobile users giving a huge boost to the development of respective software. The latter is being constantly sophisticated and upgraded so classical native apps begin to experience a competitive pressure that has been growing exponentially with the advent of the PWA trend.

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