A really uncommon brain disorder, Progressive supra nuclear palsy affects your balancing, walking and eye movements. Alsocalled by the name Steele-Richardson-Olszewski syndrome, it is mainly due to the deterioration of brain cells controlling body movements (midbrain) and thinking (frontal lobe).

The disease genesis is still unclear and its genetic connection is doubtful. The main risk factor is age. The incidence of the disease rises as the age advances. It is more reported after 60 years of age.

Characteristic Feature

  • Loss of balance when walking - a tendency for backward fall is seen in the early stages of the disease
  • Inability to aim the eyes properly - experience difficulty to look downwards, blurred or double vision. Food spillage on eating and disinterest in speech is common in such patients.

Symptoms of Progressive Supra Nuclear Palsy

Most of the symptoms of progressive supra nuclear palsy mimics Alzheimer's disease or dementia. The major symptoms include

  • Stiffness and awkward movements
  • Falling
  • Problems with speech and swallowing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  • Impulsive behavior, possibly including laughing or crying for no reason
  • Difficulties with memory, reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making
  • Depression and anxiety
  • A surprised or frightened facial expression, resulting from rigid facial muscles

It is very unfortunate that progressive supra nuclear palsy does not hascomplete cure. So importance should be given for the life quality betterment of the patient. Otherwise it results in serious complications like

  • Swallowing problems like aspirations. This is the most common reason for death among progressive supra nuclear patients
  • Pneumonia
  • Falling and difficulty focusing your eyes, which could lead to head injuries, fractures and other injuries.
  • Difficulty in sleeping.
  • Difficulty in looking at bright light
  • Impulsive behaviors

In severe cases of supra nuclear palsy feeding tubes are advocated to avoid the possibility of choking. Aid of walkers and wheel chairs should be used to avoid falling injuries.

As per the fundamental theories of Ayurveda, the predominant dosha during old age is vata. If there is a high aggravation of vata than the expected it can cause progressive supra nuclear palsy. The line of treatment in Ayurveda for this condition is mainly to balance this abnormal vata. Ayurveda possesses potent herbs which can delay the progress of disease and improve the quality of life of victims.

Herbal Remedies for Progressive Supra Nuclear Palsy

1. Ashwagandha Capsules

Ashwagandha (withaniasomnifera) is a potent Adaptogenic i.e. highly effective in managing stress. Ashwagandha is very popular for its capacity to lower the blood pressure and promoting heart health. It helps to prevent the immunosuppressive activity of the body. It also helps in muscle strengthening and muscle building especially in children.

Dosage :- 1 to 2 capsules twice daily after meals with lukewarm water

2. Brahmi Capsules

An excellent memory and intellect improver and loaded with stress relieving capacity, brahmi (bacopamonneiri) bags the best place in managing hypertension, vertigo, anxiety and insanity. It is enriched with the alkaloid, bacoposides. This makes brahmi efficient enough to act as a great antioxidant. Brahmi is an eminent rejuvenator, which makes it very useful in nervous breakdowns. It is a real tonic to nerves, brain and heart. It is best used in restlessness, insomnia, confusion, forgetfulness, hysteria and in cloudy thoughts. Its calming effect on brain tissues and nervous system is well appreciated.

Dosage :- 1 to 2 capsules twice or thrice a day after meals with lukewarm water

3. Gotu kola Capsules

These capsules are prepared out from the standardized herbal extract of centellaasiatica. These are effective in fatigue, which is a common ailment in old age. Gotu kola helps in dissolving the blood clots thereby increasing the venous sufficiency. This is very beneficial for those patients who have progressive supra nuclear palsy due to vascular deficiency. It is also very useful in lowering the blood pressure.

Dosage :- 1 capsule twice daily after meals with lukewarm water

4. Dhanwantharam Oil

one of best oils in Ayurveda indicated for vata&kapha diseases with a predominant vata condition. Along with its effectiveness in pain, it also acts as a great nervine tonic. It is best used in neurological conditions like neuritis, neuralgia, paralysis and facial palsy. As it improves the body strength, it is used for the massaging after delivery in ladies and children. The major ingredients of dhanwantharam oil includes

  • Balamoola - Sidacordifolia
  • Paya - cow milk
  • Yava - Barley - Hordeumvulgare
  • Kola - Zyziphusjujube
  • Kulattha - Horse gram – Dolichosbiflorus
  • Dashamoola - group of ten roots
  • Taila - Oil of Sesamumindicum
  • Meda - Polygonatumcirrhifolium
  • Mahameda - Polygonatumverticillatum
  • Daru - Cedrusdeodara
  • Manjishta - Rubiacordifolia
  • Kakoli - Fritillariaroylei
  • Ksheerakakoli - Liliumpolyphyllum
  • Chandana - Pterocarpussantalinus
  • Sariva - Hemidesmusindicus
  • Kushta - Saussurealappa
  • Tagara - Valerianawallichi
  • Jeevaka - Malaxisacuminate
  • Rishabhaka - Manilkarahexandra
  • SaindhavaLavana - Rock salt
  • Kalanusari - Valerianawallichi
  • Shaileya - Convolvulus pluricaulis
  • Vacha - Acoruscalamus
  • Agaru - Aquilariaagallocha
  • Punarnava - Boerhaaviadiffusa
  • Ashwagandha - Withaniasomnifera
  • Shatavari - Asparagus racemosus
  • Ksheerashukla - Ipomoea mauritiana
  • Yashti - Licorice - Glycyrrhizaglabra
  • Haritaki - Terminaliachebula
  • Vibhitaki - Terminaliabellirica
  • Amla - Emblicaofficinalis
  • Shatahva - Asparagus
  • Mashaparni - Teramnuslabialis
  • Mudgaparni - Phaseolustrilobus
  • Ela - Cardamom - Elettariacardamomum
  • Twak - Cinnamon - Cinnamomumcamphora
  • Patra - Cinnamomumtamala

As this contains a long list of very potent drugs, it is highly effective in progressive supra nuclear palsy. It can be used in severe pain, joint swelling, numbness, psychic disorders, weakness etc.


for external application only. Warm the oil and apply over the affected area and have gentle massage. Never warm the oil directly under the fire or hot plate. Do double boiling (by hot water bath).

All these formulations are efficient enough to manage progressive supra nuclear palsy. Side effects and drug interaction are least noted, as it is prepared with no added preservatives or chemicals.

Author's Bio: 

DR. Vikram Chauhan, MD - AYURVEDA is an expert Ayurvedic practitioner based in Chandigarh, India and doing his practice in Mohali, India. He is spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda Ancient healing treatment, not only in India but also abroad. He is the CEO and Founder of Planet Ayurveda Products, Planet Ayurveda Clinic and Krishna Herbal Company. For more info visit our website: http://www.planetayurveda.com