Progentra is a male upgrade supplement that is essentially detailed to be a penis enlargement alongside better sexual drive and expanded sexual stamina. There are lots of products in the market that claim penis enlargement benefits, while just a couple of remotely touches the most superficial layer of genuine penis augmentation.

Progentra claims that it has the best formula to make penis bigger a reality. However, many sites still don’t have the technology to actual enlarge the penis. Progentra refers to a few real logical sources to demonstrate that penis expansion can really work, and that Progentra has found a genuine strategy to make male improvement a reality.

Ingredients Used in Progentra


L-Arginine is an important amino acid that enhances nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide triggers the smooth muscles to contract, enabling more blood to move through the vessels. L-Arginine is a known ingredient in the bodybuilding supplement industry and its part in Progentra to advance better blood stream straightforwardly to the penis.

Maca Root

Numerous specialists say Maca Root is a definitive sexual improvement ingredient. It can be utilized by both men and women. In view of its tendency as a Hormone Balancer, it delays the impacts of expanded testosterone levels. Maca pull is particularly useful for men as it causes them to control their orgasm and hinders the neurotransmitters which keep men from getting arousal after the orgasm.

Tribulus Terrestris

It is highly used Testosterone Boosters in the industry. Progentra contains a substantially more thought type of Tribulus Terrestris, which stacks with the advantages of other Testosterone Boosters that are contained inside the formula. Overall, a considerably more intense libido and the compelling arrival of pheromones can be seen by the user. Check out the comprehensive Progentra review to get a further insight of how it is so effective.

Tongkat Ali

A standout amongst the best erectile ingredient utilized in male improvement supplements is Tongkat Ali. This substance’s function is to perform three roles. First, as a Testosterone Booster, it extraordinarily increases the sex drive and potentiates erections. Next, as a Free Calcium Blocker, it anticipates flabbiness to the penis while taking part in sex. Thirdly, when Tongkat Ali is utilized as a part of conjunction with an intense vasodilator, for example, L– Arginine, it can help expand the volume of blood to the penile chambers, this is the thing that triggers the penis increment.

Muira Puama

The quick acting segment of Progentra is centered around Miura Puama which is additionally a powerful Testosterone Booster. Its effects are quickly experienced by the user, mostly within a day of usage. While this substance works quickly, it additionally does not wear off easily. As other ingredients are being consumed by the body, Muira Puama stacks with alternate fixings as to make a more strengthened impact.


As users, we pick the item that works and not the one with the best advertising. All things considered, these are wellbeing supplements, and we require items that we can trust, as Progentra, to give us our money’s worth. The Progentra price is very much affordable.

Progentra has fundamentally changed the name of the game in male enhancement industry. The majority of you who have staggered in our page had just a single inquiry – does Progentra work? Progentra works – and now you know why.

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